What should my future career be?

I don't know what I want to go when I grow up! I love clothes and fashion but the fashion business is hard to get into, besides I'm not sure if I'm that good at designing things. I just like putting outfits together, if only there was a job where I could do that! I also like cooking, planning and organizing things. I really don't want one of those office jobs, it just seems to boring for me. I do have a few years to think about it but I would like to get a general idea. Please help!

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    8 years ago
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    There are websites you can go to and take a test. The test asks you questions on things for example, "Do you like to help people with problems?" or "Do you like to do public speaking?" You would either choose "Don't like" "Unsure" or "Like" (It wouldn't be exactly as I'm saying, but close enough) But anyways once finished it showed you what you scored in each field like creativity, realistic, etc. You can then click that field and it has a list of possible careers that might fit you. You can also click the careers and it gives you a brief description of the career. I know that schools often use these websites to help students get an idea of what could be a possible career for them. I hope I helped!

    P.S: One of the websites that I know of is https://utahfutures.org/Portal.aspx

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    8 years ago

    By your personality, you can have your own business as a wedding planner. You cook, design the decorations, and meet new people. Also, you organize the whole event of the wedding. Best of all, it's not behind the desk most of the time.

  • 8 years ago

    Nobody can determine your career but YOURSELF sorry but u only know what u want. NO ONE ELSE doesnt know where your heart is

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