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Which rappers didnt come from the hood?

I'm just talking about this with my friend.

So far I know

Kanye West


I believe De La Soul is from a middle class part of Long Island.

Mac Miller?

Macklemore I believe

Talib Kweli? Does anyone second me on that? Cause he's from Brooklyn but from Park slope and his parents were academics.


Tyler the Creator? Ik his dad left him but apparently he live in Ladera which is upper middle class.

Me and my friend are just debating could anyone tell me if this list is right?? Or anything to add? Haha thanks

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    Tyler the Creator was sleeping on his grandmother's couch before he got famous when he was recording his album. Umm... Ludacris i think, T-pain <if you want to count him. Idkk about Kendrick Lamar or J-cole.

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