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求英文遊記200字 20點


有爸 媽 姐 妹 我



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    內容須提到我和家人一起去 有爸 媽 姐 妹 我


    One daytrip This will be my happy and surprised one day trip

    My parents they said to me about the whole families ,

    . including my dad, mom, two sisters and I, decided that

    . we’ll spend this Sunday to go and see

    . Cat Bear in Taipei Zoo .

    We would like to keep our chance for taking some pictures

    . with her.It is said that Taipei Zoo cared for a Cat Bear Baby

    . "Yuan ai," coming in the full moon,

    . people were quite concerned about the

    . "Yuan ai" dynamic play.

    Zoo’s workers asked to give her a good name

    . offering by the public .We will hope to vote that her name is suitable for our idea .

    You know the admission for us that we can get discount 40%,

    especially free charge for under 10 years old or

    . the senior people.It’s time, now or never!

    all people voting it together ! 一日遊 這將是我的快樂和驚訝一天之旅 .

    我的雙親, 他們說我們全家,

    . 有爸爸、 媽媽、 姐妹兩人 和 我

    . 決定這個星期天一起去臺北動物園

    . 看看貓熊, 也希望能夠合她照照相 。

    據說 臺北動物園 照顧小貓熊 ”圓ㄚ," 將要滿月,

    人們非常關注 “圓ㄚ " 生活起居 。

    動物園的工作人員 有意給市民提供她一個好的名字.我們希望有適合我們的想法的名字 投下一票.

    對了 我們全家入場票價折扣40%

    . 而10歲以下或年老人 可免費入場。 勿失良機 阿!

    共襄盛舉 投下一票 !

    Source(s): 系統工程酒師的居酒屋 S H Chen
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