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Anyone see the new trayvon martin "Anthony stokes"?

Thanks to America's most productive community we have another race story from the south about a young thuglet who was denied an organ because he wouldn't take medicine or appear or doctors visits. Are they serious?

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  • Jazz E
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    7 years ago
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    Yes it's disgusting racism is killing America did you know zimmerman was a thug with violent arrest and he got away with murder America has huge issues with racism

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  • gussie
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    7 years ago

    I think that the fact that Anthony Stokes was alleged to have been non compliant in taking his medicines and following medical advice in the past it is reasonable to not put Anthony Stokes on the transplant list.I don't base this on race but on the fact that there is a critical shortage of organ donors versus the long list of people needing transplants.It is my understanding that there is criteria that must be met before you are considered to be on the transplant list. I do not know all the facts in this case and I can understand the mother's concern for her son.The hard reality is that unless we have more organ donors there will always some people who will die .This has nothing to do with race but supply and demand.Just because a person makes it on the organ recipient list does not guarantee that they will ever find a suitable organ match before their own health deteriorates to the point they are not healthy enough for the surgery. This cannot be an easy process for medical staff either.Keep in mind while Anthony's mother is crying because her son may die without a transplant some other mother is crying because her child has died but has the kindness and empathy for others to sign to donate the organs of her deceased child. I can't help but wonder if anyone in Anthony's family has signed an organ donor card. EDIT It seems many people are ill informed when it comes to organ donation and being the recipient of a donated organ(s).I remember a little girl who was not put on the urgent list and to bump someone else and jump the queue even though she was young and there was little chance she would survive a few weeks without a transplant.I know her family and friends were petitioning everyone they could think of to change this guideline or at least make an exception.I suppose it is place so someone with wealth doesn't try to "influence" administration to turn a blind eye to policy and save their child.It is most unfortunate when we have the medical ability to save lives through transplants but a shortage of donors to meet the need.Before a transplant can be done you need a compatible donor organ.Everything that does not meet our expectations is racial.Such a case is organ transplant recipients.There is no guarantee that a transplant will "save a person" but if a person didn't follow medical advice before a transplant was needed it is most critical to follow medical advice after a transplant to give your self the best shot at surviving.Taking prescribed meds following a transplant is mandatory not optional,even if the medications give you side affects. By not following your doctors orders that person has wasted a lot of time and money and denied another person the opportunity to live another day.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I just researched it. It's the liberals m friend. They can be reasoned with. And they value the life of a thug more than the lives of three white people. That's why the three people killed in the boston bombings drew little attention, and the Trayvon Martin shooting drew a lot of attention.

    The Boston bomber's motives were clearly racist. He detonated the bombs because he didn't like the US's immigration policy. His racist motives went unnoticed by the media.

    You can't argue with the liberals. They'll use propaganda to make people believe what they want them to believe.

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