Are there any supplements or natural products that increase appetite?

My 82 year old mother who is diabetic has an extremely poor appetite. She tends to be sensitive to many drugs. She's had such bad reactions to some pharmaceuticals that she refuses them most of the time. Unfortunately she's also refusing to eat or drink much of anything. She says nothing tastes good and she's not thirsty.

She's been in the hospital a couple of times already because of dehydration and bladder infection. While she was in hospital they gave her so many pills it was crazy. When she started having reactions to them, they wouldn't listen to us. They made her delirious, they kept saying that was normal for someone her age! What, we don't know what our own mother is like?! Especially my sister who lives with her! My sister had to literally stay at the hospital all day to make sure they only gave her the antibiotics and diabetes medicine. By that evening Mom was coming back around and getting clear and coherent again...and angry! The next morning they gave her ALL the pills again, including the ones she refused the previous day! They woke her up and shoved them on her before she was awake enough to question the nurse or my sister got there. By the time Mom cleared up from that episode, she was really upset and signed herself out of the hospital. Now it's impossible to get her back into one. It's hard to blame her when they just won't listen to her, or us. She even fired her doctor!

So we don't know what to do. When she actually eats a meal, including a couple of drinks (NON-alcoholic!), she's good. But most of the time she refuses everything. The most she'll drink is to take her vitamins, and that's a very small amount.

It's like everything tastes bad to her. Is there a reason for this? Is there any supplement or natural remedy we can give her to help this condition? I sincerely appreciate any real suggestions you may have.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Pot is GREAT at giving someone an appetite. IF you do any study at all ( check out Youtube ), you'll see that pot really is a superior herb, and has many healing properties.

    But, most people don't pay any attention; they just believe the propaganda about it.

    So, on to other aspects of your question.

    First, NOT EATING MUCH is not bad, and is actually good, IF managed.

    I forget his name, but in the 1400's ( I think it was ) an Italian was dying. He was 40 years old, and that is the age that most people died, back then. But he didn't want to die, so he went to his doctor, who didn't help any at all. So he went to another doctor, and then another, until finally, one told him to stop eating anything more than what it took to keep him alive. I believe he went down to eating only 12 or 14 oz of food a day. He not only got well, but the paper that I was reading about him was written by him, at the age of 100, and years before he died, peacefully sitting in his rocking chair. He has all his facilities, was active, happy and very healthy to the very end.

    If you study Jesus, Hippocrates, and others, you'll see that fasting also is very good for you ( if done right ). I'm not suggesting you put her on a fast, but just sharing that eating no food at all is good for you ( my last 3 juice fasts - where I only drink fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices - were for 39 days each ).

    There may also be great wisdom in her refusing help. If you study the numbers, the Medical profession is one of the biggest killers of Americans there is. According to JAMA ( Journal of the American Medical Association ) if you add the number of Americans killed accidentally by the Medical Profession, to the number of Americans who die from mixing Pharmaceuticals ( drugs ), then that makes them the NUMBER ONE killer of Americans in the world today, even more than Cancer and Heart Disease.

    One more thing ... she probably has SEVERE Candida ( even though the Medical profession doesn't seem to pay much attention to it, I consider it an epidemic in America ), so you might want to address that issue. Every time she takes antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria in her gut, and then the bad stuff takes over. Once it spreads out of the intestines, throughout the body, it can cause more than 70 different symptoms, which can cause doctors to add more and more drugs to the mix. I'm working on cleaning up Candida in my own body, and I'll add the link of the product that I use ( as it is very difficult to get rid of ).

    I'll also add a website that describes how Jesus healed people. I've used these methods for over 40 years and can attest to them. Perhaps you will find more than health there.

  • 7 years ago

    There is a pill called cb1 thats naturally stimulate the appetite. And. Natural medical marajuana products that dont call for smoking

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