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What would USPS do if the package has a non-existent address?

So I ordered something online, but after re-checking a week later, I had noticed that I had typed an incorrect street address. Instead of 16589, I had typed 16789. 16789 doesn't exist. The package is expected to be delivered tomorrow. And I was wondering if I can do something about it without having USPS send it back to the sender and taking longer to get it to me.

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    The package could be returned... or... the postal system scans all labels/addresses to see where they are supposed to go. If there is an error, the system can correct the error (sometimes) by cross referencing the listed address/addressed to name with a list of real names/addresses. If the package is still expected to be delivered, I'm sure it will get to your house. Chances are the mail people have other letters/bills/etc with your name on it with the corrected address and will be able to get the package to you. If not, the post office might hold the package at your local post office and you would have to pick it up — something like this happened to me once many years ago, I can't remember if the address was wrong, but I know I had to go to the post office to pick up a package because something went wrong with the delivery — if this happens, you will need to have a copy of the receipt with your name on it, as well as a valid photo id (your driver's license will work).

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    If the carrier for your address also delivers the 16700 block, chances are good that the mistake will be caught and you'll get the item without a delay. If a carrier doesn't recognize a known customer on a mis-addressed piece, the piece is returned as undeliverable (sometimes as no such number).

    You can try calling your delivery office in advance and explain the problem.

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    They keep it and share it with the staff

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