Im 17, live in the state of New Mexico and got into a car crash! What now?

Okay hera are the facts:

I am 17 years old boy.

I am a college student attending at NMSU.

I am UNDER 18. <<<

I live in New Mexico, United States.

And I got into a car crash today, my fault totally.

My parents have to go to municipal court with me on September.

What are they gonna tell us? Will they take my license away? How am i gonna get to my classes if i dont have a car? (I use both a bike and a car) because some classes are just way too far to even go on a bike!

My mom said i cant drive until Septemebr and even then who knows if i would still be able to cuz she said the judge might revoke my license since im 17 and i was alone when i got into a car crash!

Please does anyone have any information?!

I am not a bad person! I dont have a record! I wasnt drunk! I dont drink at all! What's gonna happen?

Also the citation the transit gave me didnt had a fine as in money, is the judge gonna tell me to pay or something?

Please if you got nothing nice to say please dont even try to comment, i'll report your answer!

I just want to know if they will take my license away, simple as that!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Since you say the crash was your fault, hopefully you have insurance that will pay for any damage you did, at least up to the limits of your policy. With the information you have given, how do you expect to get any answers to your question? If you had a license, not a permit, why would it matter if you were alone at the time?

    Discuss it with mom, discuss it with your insurance, discuss it with an attorney if you please, but don't give zero information as to what happened, then ask about your license status, and threaten to report if you don't like the answer you get.

    Only a judge can say with certainty what will happen to your license, and that will be in September.

  • 8 years ago

    Your license should be revoked until you're 21 - or for life for all I care. However, you failed to provide ANY details on the collision, so only time will tell. You're going to have to wait to hear what the judge has to say.

    Source(s): Got my license at 15, and never had an at-fault collision in 550,000 miles of driving.
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    8 years ago


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