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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

What would you name 10 girls and 10 boys using only Sarah Dessen names?

These are all names of characters from Sarah Dessen books. What would you name 5 girls and 5 boys?

+ First and middle names please.

+ No spelling changes.


Ruby, Cora, Olivia, Laney, Peyton, Harriet, Heather, Charlotte, Ashley, Haven, Lorna, Annabel, Whitney, Kristen, Sophie, Molly, Emily, Hilary, Mallory, Halley, Scarlett, Grace, Ginny, Elizabeth, Amy, Marian, Julie, Macy, Kristy, Monica, Delia, Lucy, Amanda, Britney, Caroline, Melissa, Caitlin, Cassandra, Raina, Remy, Chloe, Lissa, Jessica, Barbra, Patty, Mary, Mclean, Katherine, Katie, Lindsay, Opal, Tracy, Deb, Heather, Riley, Maddie, Heidi, Thisbe, Isby, Maggie, Leah, Esther, Auden, Laura, Victoria, Isabel, Morgan, Mira, Kiki, Colie, Nicole, Caroline, Emaline, Margo, Amber, Daisy, Jacqueline, Brooke.


Nate, Blake, Jamie, Roscoe, Aaron, Marshall, Gregory, Mac, Sumner, Lewis, Rick, Owen, Will, Nick, Andrew, Rolly, Macon, Michael, Ronnie, Wes, Bert, Jason, Peter, Rogerson, Mike, David, Dexter, Ted, Lucas, John, Jonathan, Christopher, Adam, Don, Paul, Dave, Leo, Ellis, Gus, Conner, Robert, Eli, Jake, Wallace, Clyde, Norman, Josh, Theo, Luke, Joel, Benji, Morris.

I know I am forgetting a whole bunch. If you think of more SD characters please tell me and feel free to use them.

My answers are:

+ Haven Ashley

+ Scarlett Halley

+ Auden Peyton

+ Riley Lissa

+ Elizabeth

+ Esther Macy

+ Emaline Molly

+ Margo Katherine

+ Thisbe Cora

+ Remy Caroline

+ Luke Adam

+ Dexter Paul

+ Christopher Nate

+ Ted Michael

+ Robert Gus

+ Jake Roscoe

+ Blake Eli

+ Nick Rogerson

+ Marshall

+ Jonathan Macon

13 Answers

  • Megara
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    8 years ago
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    Caroline Mary

    Brooke Nicole

    Heather Daisy

    Molly Grace

    Elizabeth Scarlett

    Opal Mallory

    Leah Esther

    Margo Katherine

    Jacqueline Victoria

    Haven Thisbe

    Christopher Leo

    Jamie Andrew

    Gregory Paul

    Conner Luke

    Jason Dexter


    Aaron Roscoe

    Blake Owen

    John Adam

    Peter Michael

  • 8 years ago

    Ruby Charlotte

    Cora Emaline

    Halley Nicole

    Ginny Katherine

    Elizabeth Riley

    Caroline Lissa

    Heidi Victoria

    Margo Lucy

    Jacqueline Morgan

    Brooke Mallory

    Jonathan Paul

    Christopher Morris

    David Wes

    Luke Aaron

    Joel Adam

    Gregory Ellis

    Owen Jason

    Theo Will

    Connor Marshall

    Eli Peter

  • ?
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    8 years ago


    1. Cora Esther

    2. Charlotte Isby

    3. Sophie Caroline

    4. Mallory Katherine

    5. Grace Elizabeth

    6. Remy Victoria

    7. Haven Macy

    8. Emaline Margo

    9. Thisbe Auden

    10. Lucy Annabel

    1. Owen Lewis

    2. Will David

    3. Lucas Robert

    4. Christopher Ellis

    5. Nick Leo

    6. Eli Michael

    7. Conner Blake

    8. Jamie Adam

    9. Norman Luke

    10. Jonathan Gregory

    The middle names are really bad sorry

  • 8 years ago

    Charlotte Olivia

    Jessica Britney

    Melissa Nicole

    Jacqueline Brooke

    Elizabeth Sophie

    Chloe Elizabeth

    Scarlet Grace

    Heidi Mclean

    Peyton Ashley

    Laura Thisbe

    Theo Rogerson

    Jason Michael

    Blake Adam

    Johnathan Paul

    Christopher Luke

    Marshall Robert

    Dexter Eli

    Macon Don

    Jake Wallace

    Dave Leo

  • Slinky
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Olivia Morgan

    Charlotte Daisy "Lola"

    Annabel Leah "Annie"

    Grace Victoria

    Elizabeth Ruby "Beth"

    Lucy Heather

    Katherine Amy "Kitty"

    Sophie Margo

    Chloe Isabel

    Emily Jessica

    Aaron David

    Lewis Adam

    Will Jonathan

    Peter Marshall

    Jake Robert

    Theo Wallace

    Luke Michael

    Ellis Gregory

    Joel Christopher

    Jamie Conner

  • Paula
    Lv 7
    8 years ago


    Opal Cora

    Ruby Charlotte

    Lucy Grace

    Riley Auden

    Margo Daisy


    Nick David

    John Christopher

    Conner Robert

    Leo Owen

    Theo Benji

  • 8 years ago

    Sophie Olivia

    Scarlett Ruley

    Esther Lindsay

    Margo Grace

    Emily Caroline

    Eli Blake

    Owen Luke

    Leo Ellis

    Benji Marshall

    Lucas Wallace

  • 8 years ago

    Cora Annabel

    Lucy Haven

    Jessica Lindsay

    Emaline Grace

    Charlotte Nicole

    Owen Wes

    Elli Morris

    Luke Lewis

    Nate Marshall

    Connor Bert

  • ?
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    ♀ Heidi Elizabeth

    ♀ Daisy Heather

    ♀ Charlotte Nicole

    ♀ Emily Katherine

    ♀ Caitlin Laura

    ♀ Esther Caroline

    ♀ Maddie Harriet

    ♀ Brooke Monica

    ♀ Olivia Ruby

    ♀ Scarlett Grace

    ♂ Dexter Michael

    ♂ Adam Jason

    ♂ Christopher Robert

    ♂ Theo Lucas

    ♂ Blake Aaron

    ♂ Ellis Conner

    ♂ Joel Gregory

    ♂ Benji Owen

    ♂ Luke Jonathan

    ♂ Bert David

    :) This was fun!

  • - Charlotte Melissa

    - Elizabeth Heidi

    - Caitlin Mira

    - Jessica Harriet

    - Esther Annabel

    - Cassandra Leah

    - Victoria Chloe

    - Isabel Katherine

    - Caroline Julie

    - Ruby Emaline

    - Aaron Christopher

    - Gregory Theo

    - Michael Lewis

    - Lucas Owen

    - Jonathan Paul

    - Adam Sumner

    - Conner Marshall

    - Robert Ellis

    - Joel Roscoe

    - Andrew Dexter

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