Do I have A Chance With This Job?

I had a interview August 8, 2013 well more like a screening that included me and some other people, after the interview the person that was interviewing me said they will call you for a drug test and check your background check. I asked how long you think it's going to take before they call me she said she don't know. So yesterday my friend got a call from someone asking about me my friend is one of my personal references. What you think that means since someone called one of my references? Do you think the job got my background check information back first before they called my personal reference or is they just waiting till the background information come back so they can call me and ask is im still interested in working there?

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  • 8 years ago
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    K.N - what do you think it means that they called your references? Does it make sense for them to waste their time calling references for people they aren't interested in?

    I have no idea if they have the background check back. I don't know what their policy is regarding checking references and resumes in regard to background checks. Some companies might like to get it all done while awaiting the check's results, others may not want to bother unless the check comes back clean.

    Whatever the case, I do with you luck in getting the job.

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