Is Asher Meza accepted as part of main stream Judaism? Is he a Rabbi?

Mr. Meza claims to be a Rabbi. However when asked by multiple people, he declines to say where he received rabbinic ordination. His posts seem very angry and critical of other Jews, which seems odd for someone who calls himself a Rabbi. He also reportedly is involved in trying to proselytize and get people to be involved in mass conversions to Judaism (e.g., in ways that are not acceptable in Jewish law)? Is he a Rabbi? If so, who granted him ordination? How is viewed by the Jewish world?

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    I would recommend staying away from this person. Here is what publically available information says. His website says he has smicha, but it does not say from where he received it. On a Yahoo answer, I found this: " I asked Mr. Menza from where he received smicha and from whom. He responded with apparent documents of smicha on which he blurred out both the institution and granting organization. He indicated that he didn't want anyone to 'bother' the Rabbis at these institutions. Further questioning by me indicating that it is normal for any professional to share there credentials openly when asked and indicating that he seemed fearful of giving a direct answer resulted in him defriending me and blocking me from his site." Source:

    So, in short, does he have smicha? He says he does. But he refuses to say where which is very sketchy and bizarre. This is most likely do to one of couple things (a) he is lying about smicha or (more likely) (b) he is involved in doing and saying things that are against Judaism (e.g., doing invalid conversions) and are an embarrassment to the people who gave him smicha and is trying prevent them and himself further embarrassment.

    If you're Jewish, he wants you to carry a gun around. He carries guns on the Sabbath (which, by Jewish law, is forbidden unless there is a risk to one's life). This article quotes him as saying, "I'm not advocating for everyone to walk around with an AK-47, but I walk around with a handgun on the Sabbath, and I think it would be better if most Jews did" (source: He seemingly was in a safe subuurb of Richmond and felt the need to either ignore Jewish law or felt his life was in danger in that area.

    Of most concern is this article ( from a respected and well known Orthodox Rabbi about Mr. Meza and one of his associates, "false Torah teaching." See the above link for the full article:

    Please be aware that, while we count Mr. Yosef Eliyah ben Avraham as a sincere, learned and well-intending friend and budding scholar, The Ohel Moshe Society (Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe) is in no way affiliated with the new organization “Dor De’ah”, which he has formed together with Mr. Asher Meza.


    While we thank and appreciate Mr. Yosef Eliyah for the zeal for Mishneh Torah and the other important Torah sources he shares with a wide and growing internet audience, we see it as a tragedy that he has joined a promoter and performer of mass conversions, one who routinely puts down normative Orthodoxy, insults the Noahide path –as if Noahides were no better than idolaters without conversion to Judaism– and shows ignorance in halakhah.

    Mass Conversions… and by Converts

    To promote and perform mass conversions, especially as a convert oneself even to officiate as a rabbi to begin with –all this in the name of the RaMBaM– is a cascade of halakhic error and a stumbling block:

    2) To claim loyalty to the authentic halakhah of RaMBaM on one hand, and to encourage non-Jews who are unable to access a proper Beth Din to convert themselves –that such conversion is fully kosher– is disingenuous.

    Disrespect for Torah Scholars

    We lament the blasting of such a critique to an audience overwhelmingly made up of non-Jews, converts and ba`ale teshuvah.

    Spreading Confusion and Derision at the Path of the Seven Laws

    Based on Laws of Idolatry 10:9[6] and Laws of Kings and Wars 8:13[10], Mr. Meza understands that for RaMBaM, a Noahide is none other than a Ger Toshav (resident alien) – a status that will not exist again until the Jubilee (and Sanhedrin) is restored. Therefore, no option but conversion exists for a righteous non-Jew. He mocks rabbis who teach that we are to spread the Noahide Laws, showing an image of Pinnochio and his that keeps growing longer the more lies he tells. Besides stooping to such a disgraceful way to prove his point, Mr. Meza reveals himself to be terribly confused when elsewhere he speaks about “Bene Noahh” being permitted, if not obligated, to keep Shabboth.

    Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe

    Also see

    which says, in part, "Asher Meza.. is dangerous. The rabbis here do not take him seriously. He has been kicked out of many synagogues. He carries and flaunts firearms. Won't give his semicha. I feel for the people in Brazil and other's going there with him to convert. They have been deceived and must be warned. I will probably get a bunch of phone calls and emails and threats on my life again for posting this. That is how seriously mentally ill this man is."

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    Is Asher Meza accepted as part of main stream Judaism? Is he a Rabbi?

    Mr. Meza claims to be a Rabbi. However when asked by multiple people, he declines to say where he received rabbinic ordination. His posts seem very angry and critical of other Jews, which seems odd for someone who calls himself a Rabbi. He also reportedly is involved in trying to proselytize and...

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    As someone going through conversion, I would say that unfortunately there are may Jews that are bigots and really dislike converts. I really hate the looks I get sometimes at shul from some people although to be fair it is mostly older people. I am not saying that you should just be converted in a day but the truth is that in the past conversions were a relatively simple matter and now they are made almost impossible except for the more liberal branches such as reform and conservative. I am not saying the Asher Meza is right about everything but the sad things is that any one that brings up this subject is called an anti-semite.

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    Does it bother people who he is as a jew ? Or that he converts people ? What we should be asking is , what does G_D say of this matter and what does the Torah say about conversion ? There lies the answer. For those lazy to do the research I will spare you by informing you that after Abram whom G_D changed his name to Abraham completed his conversion , G_D told him to convert his family and his servants. Was that not more than 1 conversion all at once ? Isn't G_D the same yesterday , today and always ? Isn't the Torah an everlasting Torah ? Anyone that uses theory added to this will feel the wrath of the one called I AM , no exceptions !! Ruth converted and said to her jewish mother-in-law Naomi Ruth 1:16-17 where Naomi go that she would go and that Naomi' s people where her people. Two examples 1 of the 1st male convert and later on another example on a female convert. 2 people that became important in jewish history. Amazing how G_D can take a lower being , make him/her holy. Blessings for the Jewish people , strong figure heads to prepare the way and help make the world a better place. My question is , how many Jews and jewish facilities turned potential Abraham's and potential Ruth's away ?? It takes 3 times to then accept them ? Because kabbalah teaches this ? Is this a teaching of wisdom ? Or a teaching of fear ?? & is this a healthy fear ? We are to only fear G_D and that fear should be by practicing only what the Torah saids. When did it say that you have to turn them away ? Where does it say to just teach 7 laws to the non jews ? Not in Torah. When we try to add our own theories and bring in extra things along with the Tanakh ( Jewish bible ) it's like saying that G_D needs our help or that he forgot to mention something. When a jew does this it shows lack of faith and it makes a false image of a weak G_D that lacks perfection. Be careful to represent a false image of the one called I AM !! Shalomn and now I write this with love to all mankind both jews and gentiles.

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    No. I once had an email from him because I spoke out against him. He demanded I recant he was not Jewish. He scanned documents and sent them in an email. So, he did convert. However, that is about as far as I will go. He used to be a baptist minister and then converted, though his conversion would not allow him to be considered in Jewish in Israel. He has been involved with congregations in Florida, Virginia and Colorado and I have no idea on what terms he left them.

    He and another guy who converted but does not call himself a Rabbi do videos together sometimes and though they are "interesting", they are not in accordance with Halacha.

    I find him amusing and infuriating at the same time.

    Source(s): Orthodox Rabbinical student
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    Having never heard of him, I googled him up just now.

    Solely based on a article I read about him --

    he seems to have been properly converted Orthodox and ordained -- that would make him a Jew and a rabbi,

    and he is a nutjob who seems to be violating some basic Jewish laws (as well as basic Jewish manners) routinely in his obsession with guns.

    Solely based on the article - I'd say it may be worthwhile to explore whether he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia or schizoid personality disorder.

    Mass conversions are not doable in Jewish law

    and any conversion requires a Beit Din of three rabbis.

    Recently (maybe because of nuttiness like this) there are lists of conversion courts which will be generaly accepted that are maintained by major reocgnised rabinic organisations.

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    And I thought a convert should NEVER be reminded of his past life. Oh well, I guess there is a difference between a convert and a born Jew.

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    Jewish answer: total nutjob and his mass conversions wouldn't be recognized by any other Jews or rabbinical courts.

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    I did some searching. According to this website

    he does have ordination.

    He is definitely not mainstream.

    To me he sounds like a kook.

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