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Help! Anybody know tap?

Ive only done one year of dance (jazz) and a couple summer classes and now the owner of my dance studio wants me to try out for competition tap and jazz. She says i won't make it because i need more than one year of experience but wants me to try out because she says i have a lot of potential and im really good! YAY! But anyways, i need to learn tap!!!!! Please help me! What should i know?

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    To be a proficient tap dancer, you will need lessons. You can't just learn online and expect to be good at tap. If you don't make the competition tap team, don't be discouraged! There's always next year. :) Some basic terms and steps to know that will help you not be totally lost in the audition include:

    - Flap

    - Shuffle

    - Brush

    - Buffalo

    - Chug

    - Spank

    - Cramp roll

    - Riff

    - Irish

    - Maxie Ford

    - Paradiddle

    - Scuff

    - Wing

    - Pull back

    - Rhythm turn

    Here is a list of tap moves and how to do them. Just search through the list to find the terms I listed, read the definition, and watch the video:

    Note: Do not try wings yet as you haven't been properly trained in tap. They are more advanced steps. I included them on the list so you will know what they are if/when they are brought up in the auditions, but don't attempt them at home. Pull backs are also more advanced but you are less likely to injure your ankles when trying them at home.

    Another Note: I just attended an audition and there were quite a few non-tappers in the room that had to audition for tap (they were more jazz or contemporary dancers, but this audition required that they learn combinations from all styles). The judges requested that even if the non-tappers didn't know a step, they should do a foot movement or make a sound that was similar to the step. For example, if someone couldn't do a cramp roll, instead of giving up and skipping over that part of the choreography, they should do something that looked similar, like do a small jump. I recommend you do this at your audition, too. Fake it till you make it!

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