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How do I download games to Steam?

I just installed Styream but I do not play much of the big money games . I just like the hidden objecdts etc. Wasd Steam not for me? Or do we use Styeam to download the other games onto? thanks

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    Steam is a distribution platform, created by Valve, on which you can purchase games (or other software). Once purchased it will attach that game/program to your Steam account, games/programs attached to your account can be downloaded to your computer.

    Steam has a wide variety of games, they don't only sell the "big money" games, they have fun games that you can buy for ex. $5

    Source(s): I am a Steam user
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  • 7 years ago

    Yeah you can add your own games into your steam library, click on your library and find "Add games to library" and just check whatever game u want to add and click add and ur good.

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