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請問,that's how it's done 的意思

請問,"that's how it's done" 的意思

和 "way to go"是否類似,或者有什麼用法上的差異


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    請問,"that's how it's done" 的意思和 "way to go"是否類似,或者有什麼用法上的差異

    "That's how it's done" 是有教導或教訓的口氣 通常是長輩對幼輩 或是老師對幼生說 "就是要這樣做"

    "way to go"是鼓勵的話 = "做得好"



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    Priest did point out one thing I may have missed.

    "That's how it's done" 有可能在以下二狀況用到:

    1。學生笨手笨腳的老是做錯 老師示範給看以後說:"That's how it's done" 這是我以上的解釋的意思

    2。學生做得很好 老師說:"That's how it's done" 這是Priest在001的意思

    Thanks for the correction.

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    Still a god-send to me.

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    They are similar, but "way to gone" emphasize how WELL thing is done. "how it is done" emphasize how thing SHALL be done.

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    Therefore, one somehow assesses the quality, the other assesses the method only.

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    That's how it's done 常是用在肯定對方的做法;也就是說這樣做才對。

    (That's the) way to go 或是 'way to go往往是在鼓勵對方,或是為對方加油時說的。

    2013-08-13 23:28:15 補充:

    Dear Princess-in-Prison, it wasn't meant to be a correction:-)

    I only saw your reply after I posted my comment.

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