Is it possible for a supertaster not to taste PTC paper?

It has been suggested to me in the past that I could be a supertaster, based on my dislike for many many foods (citrus, coffee, alcohol, soy, condiments, pizza, even some fruit, a lot of stuff...) and my ability to get great joy in the tastes of simple foods (white bread, plain everything).

However, I cannot taste any of the genetic tasting strips, PTC, Thiourea, or Sodium Benzoate. Is it possible to be both? I don't seem to have the characteristics of a non-taster. Is it possible to have a high density of taste buds but be recessive for the receptors of these bitter chemicals?


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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, it is :)

    Read this article, it explains a lot. There are different variants of bitter tastes, so you probably taste a different part of that spectrum.

    PTC is linked to tasting toxins which is associated with the bitter taste. It's not that they're taste buds can taste things like you can, but that they can detect things that could potentially be harmful. We had a discussion in my Biology class and the ability to taste PTC was strongly linked to the ability of tasting poisons.

    The fact you can taste strongly doesn't mean you can detect toxins like a taster would. So yes, it's possible. You'll learn more after reading the article linked in the sources

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