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where are large dangerous sinkholes common?

i live right outside of chicago and i heard about the sinkhole in florida.

i was wondering where are large home swallowing ones like that common?

and how can you detect one before it takes your whole house down

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    They will occur wherever there is soluble bedrock and groundwater with dissolved carbon. Contrary to what Mary's mom thinks in the previous post, limestone is not safe from this phenomenon. Soluble rocks like all kinds of limestone, gypsum and halite are exactly what forms karst topography.

    It's not about how "strong" the rock is, it's about how easily it dissolves. Nonetheless, the chances of all the right conditions existing underneath your house are pretty slim. House-swallowing sinkholes are not that frequent an occurrence, that's why they make national news.

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    Well Lana, my sister and I heard about the sinkhole tragedy also and that got us wondering the same questions. We asked our mom and she basically told us what i am about to tell you: There is nothing to be afraid of. They are vey uncommon. If you do happen to be right where a sinkhole is whilen it goes down, the it is just your time to go.

    Source(s): Also, i live in austin texas and underneath the ground here is a bunch of limestone which is really hard rock that would be so hard to crumble.
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