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Well to start off, I'm 15, and I'm trying to eat clean and cut out a lot of junk food. Not to lose weight, but to feel better and happier. Obviously I live at home still, and my parents are pretty awesome- but they eat a lot of crap foods. Most of the adults in our family are very unhealthy, inactive and overweight. I don't want to be that way!

I have a really hard time sticking to my healthy diet when I'm surrounded by junk :/ Overprocessed, greasy, fake, gunk is everywhere!

I actually just started a detox/cleanse breakfast smoothie thing :) pretty proud of that ;)

Does anyone have any tips on how to resist this stuff?? Most people say to remove the items so you dont have the temptation... Thats not a possibility for me.

I feel like quitting!! Its so difficult!! How do you keep on your health kick?? How does one get that kind of habit going??

Any input is greatly appreciated!!

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    A detox/cleanse breakfast smoothie thing is something bad to take in the morning. However, it is better if the things are all organic or what I mean is mainly fruits, or vegetables type ingredients. Much as we need to detox, we also need to nourish. So don't just detox and detox, otherwise your body system will become malnourished and weak. Eat sensibly. Always go for a balanced meal. We need a little of each to survive. Eat to live not live to eat. After a meal, it is best to walk around a bit if possible. I know someone who walked just around the living room for 30minutes after lunch or dinner. She lost weight and her tummy was gone. Imagine that! No need to sign up and pay through our nose for any slimming programme. Moreover, many slimming products have toxins and more than often we read of stories how people's liver, kidneys or heart failed due to over taking of such products. If I did eat too heavily on a particular meal, I cut down a bit on the next. Reduce fatty, oily or fried food. Once in a while we can indulge on it. What's there in life if we don't eat good and tasty food. Also be aware of the ingredients of every foodstuff you eat. The colouring, monosodium glutamate, food enhancer used etc are bad for health. We can consume but do not overdose. Stop eating before you feel you are full cos by that time you have actually overeaten. Celery and cucumber juice can reduce blood pressure if taken on empty stomache. Raddish can remove toxins. Remember, all fruits, meat, vegetables have their functions to keep us healthy. Eat moderately.Do not overdose yourself with anything. The best and easy exercise is to walk about after a meal. Good luck and enjoy your life by eating and living well.

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    You could see if your parents are willing to keep their junk food items in their cars or bedroom. That way it isn't in the kitchen where you have the temptation. I used to ask an old roommate to put his sweets on the very top shelf of the pantry where I couldn't see or reach them.

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