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Teens, What's an "internet phrase" that you HATE!?

I swear to God...every single time I give my opinion about something via Internet I ALWAYS get some jerk saying "Welcome to the Internet..."

You don't think I'm aware that this is the Internet you fūcking idiot, you can't handle the fact that I'm putting out some good points about something so you say "welcome to the Internet". I hear it all the damn time ugh do people have nothing better to say?

BQ: Have you ever saved a bug from dying?

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    Omg I hate that too! It's so dumb. If you don't have anything better to say about my opinion, then you can get out.

    I semi-hate the ship thing. Like if you have an otp and everything, that's fine, but please talk about something other than your ships. There is one girl in some of my classes who NEVER shuts up about who she ships. And for the love of god do not mention any tv show or movie in front of her because then she'll be like "OH WHO DO YOU SHIP DO YOU SHIP PERCABETH I DO ITS SO GREAT LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT WHY THEYRE SO GREAT FOR 10 MINUTES AND THEN TELL YOU ABOUT ALL THE OTHER SHIPS THAT I SORT OF LIKE AHAHHA OH DO YOU SHIP ZIAM LET ME TELL YOU ALL THE ONE DIRECTION SHIPS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER"

    like please, just STFU.

    I also hate yolo and swag, but that's more of a real life thing than an internet thing.

    BQ: Sometimes I save ladybugs, but if there's a spider or something in my house I'm getting a shoe.

  • "Like if you're watching this in...."

    I know this is a Youtube thing, but I ******* hate that sh*T. When else would we be watching it? What were we only suppose to watch it when it came out? Was it suppose to fvcking EXPLODE after that year was up? Like STFU!

    BQ: No. I took it out of it's misery though... I feel bad now V_V

  • LOL. I hate that too.

    I also hate memes. The "forever alone" and "u mad bro?" kinda stuff. It's so f*cking annoying.

    BQ: I've saved ladybugs.

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    Definitely YOLO

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  • Emily
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    7 years ago

    Probably the "if you know what I mean" thing. It's been around forever but it's so freaking over used online that I cringe everything I hear it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't know if this counts but I hate people that say YOLO... Just stfu -.-

    BQ: Um... Only butterflies and ladybugs... I don't like other bugs so I let them die... :$

  • 7 years ago

    I'm not a teen, but "unable to connect" always annoys me.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    *sarcastically* "Oh no, I'm listening to this in 5,000 BC on my iStone!"

    It was clever the first time, now it's just insufferable.

    BQ: No, I would kill it myself. :P

  • 7 years ago

    When people say they ship things

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