why does my friend do this?

I have this friend and shes a flirt but not a slutty kind its just the way her personality is its fun and cheery...etc. and it makes guys fall for her. she had known a guy since last year and they liked eachother for 4 months(they would message for hours and see eachtoher everyday) but then her mom didn't let her see him for 3 weeks and they couldn't message eachtother as much and then they started talking to eachtother again cuz her mother got over it? but then he kept asking her through text if she liked him an she felt pressured or something and felt uncomfortable talking to him. so she stopped talking to him and avoiding him but he always asked me about her and how she was doing... then after 2 months she missed him and started talking to him again and then she felt guilty I guess for leaving him and left again she did that twice and in july she told me she missed him but didn't want to hurt him again and said it would be selfish to talk to him again and possibly hurt him again. she said this never happened to her before and doesn't understand why she will want talk to him so much and then when she finally gets the courage to talk to him and they reconnect she leaves him hanging because she uncomfortable for leaving him the first time. but the problem is he still likes her and when they met she was in 8th grade middleschool and he was in 9th grade highschool and now this year theyre going to be in the same school and shes nervous of how its going to be. anyways im wondering why shell want to talk to him a lot but when she does she feels uncomfortable about it after a few days? she also said she never felt this guilty for talking or whatever she is doing with this guy and I don't get why she would feel guilty for avoiding him after talking to him and not stay with him? please if my question doesn't make sense don't comment ill revise it later thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Too long. Stick to facts and 5 or 6 sentences. Sounds like this is between two other people,you may not want to say anything.

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