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Immigration medical exam?

Alright. I am ready to send out my immigration papers and all that I have left to do is my medical exam. I've heard that they drug test you. I'm kind of worried bc I smoked weed like the max 3 to 4 times like 2 and a half or 3 weeks ago! I'm not a regular smoker. I don't do it much at all! Almost never. Actually those times was like my 2nd time smoking in my lifetime!! Me and my boyfriend were just being silly and decided we wanted to get high and do some fun stuff. Well anyways, now that I have to do my immigration medical exam, I don't want my drug test to show up positive cause that would suck and there's even a possibility that they may deny it. Who knows. Is it still possible for the weed to still show up in my system after 3 weeks? Should I wait a bit longer?

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    A person who is mentally disabled and who is addicted to drugs may not be permitted to enter into the United States. However, the applicants must make sure that they meet the immunization requirement. Your application for adjustment of status or Green Card will be processed only after you undergo the required US immigration medical examination.

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    They are NOT looking for that in the exam.....but imagine IF your immigration status depended on this or not, and think about that the next time you want to try as a green card holder THIS type of crime is the very thing that can get you kicked out..............

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