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Is artist pr the music promoting site a scam?

I think it is they have no information on wikipedia better business bureau or anything. They called and said they'd put me in a spotlight. I gave them a gift card number but they said they need debit or credit card and no green dot card to be tracked. Lol they wont get that. Does anyone know if it is or been involved with it before?

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    Don't know, but consider this:

    Look at their site and all the people that they've "represented" that they have listed on either side of the main page.

    Have you ever heard of ANY of those people before? Me either.

    That should tell you what you need to know. I know for a fact that their claim of being the ONLY site that can get your music in the hands of reviewers and radio stations is false. That's one strike against them right there.

    The second is that they are asking you for a credit card number when their site says you can join for free all over it. That's a classic bait and switch.

    You can do whatever you like. I don't necessarily think it's a scam, but it definitely seems like a site designed to take advantage of naive musicians. They say they can put your music in the hands of reviewers and radio stations. Ummm, you can do that yourself. Did they make any mention of actually getting your music reviewed or played? Somehow I doubt it.

    It's not actually a scam, but they're trying to get you to pay them to do nothing more than you can already do on your own. I suppose it might be worth it if you just don't have time to do all that yourself, but if you do have the time to do it, don't waste your money on them.

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    Yes I worked for them. They charge you a few bucks to say it pays for sending out your music, then when you when are not looking they charge you $60 or $80 a month. If you are lucky you get minor bites from other companies that want more money till you go I give up. I felt bad calling up people and promising them a dream and scamming their credit cards. It's run by just awful people. 90% of their time is fighting credit card returns so they have no time to promote you.

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    They are a scam they take your money and do absolutely nothing to promote your music. DO NOT GIVE ARTIST PR ANY MONEY THEY ARE NOT A RELIABLE OR TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY

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