Why did my ex say that Pocahontas never married John Smith?

My ex is getting married in an arranged marriage in 2 weeks. He is arabian, and I am white. We dated 3 years ago, and the relationship lasted for 2 years. He called me last night and told me that John Smith and Pocahontas never got married. He told me that had I answered his calls earlier in the year, he would have gotten back together with me, but now that his wedding is so close he cannot cancel it. He also said that when he found out that I had a boyfriend, that he scheduled his wedding to be sooner. He also said he is not in love with her now, but in arranged marriages love comes after you get married? I just told him good luck in his marriage and that I wish him the best and hung up.

Why would he say that? Especially the Pocahontas thing?

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  • 6 years ago
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    He made the comparison in context of saying goodbye. That Pocahontas had loved someone before she married someone else is a comparison that helps him accept that he is marrying someone who is not you.

    He also may have been testing you, in the sense that if he told you all this and you did not beg him to cancel the wedding, that he could let go of his past with you and move on. That you wished him the best allowed him to give up on any illusions he may have had that you would come back to him. It sounds like, even though you did not know exactly what he meant, you did him a kindness by making it clear you did not wish to interfere.

  • gladon
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    3 years ago

    You are mostly considering of the Disney movie the place Pochahantus married John Smith. That is truly an extraordinarily fascinating subject that our teacher went into a lecture about at school! It is dependent what perspective you're watching from the disney film, or traditionally. In the movie pocahontas did marry john smith, but historically it is distinct. In real lifestyles, Pocahontas married a person named John Rolfe. In reality that both John Smith, John Rolfe and Pocahontas had been real folks that lived in the identical village, but the disney movie makers took a spin from the actual story. John Smith was the chief of Jamestown. He did in short meet with Pocahontas and she or he is alleged to have saved his lifestyles however they in no way grew to become the affectionate fanatics as the film portrayed them to be. John Rolfe married Pocahantas within the Spring of 1614. In his notes he wrote "it is Pocahontas," he wrote, "to whom my hearty and satisfactory thoughts are, and had been a very long time so entangled, and enthralled in so difficult a labyrinth that I [could not] unwind myself thereout." This resulted in a satisfactory union and peace between the persons of Jamestown and the humans of the Powhatens. Pocahontas used to be the honorable Indian chief's daughter and most of the information about her are true. She was once a sort spirit that helped out the settlers. After she married John Rolfe, she left to England on a brief go back and forth. Lamentably, she couldn't stand it and died from diesease. So clearly what you must be aware of to your history assignment, John Smith had ecounters with Pocahontas but it was once John Rolfe that married her. John Smith, for probably the most phase, didn't mention sharing romantic feelings for her. Most of this expertise is centered off my notes on the teacher's lecture that I litterally took out from my binder to answer this question. For more small print which you could seem up John Smith, John Rolfe, or Pocahantas on wikipedia. My bet for why the disney film makers made john smith have love pursuits with Pocahontas used to be for the reason that he was once the leader of the village and she used to be the executive's daughter which would make it more symbolic. In any case, i'm hoping you realized some thing new at present, I actually found this topic rather intriguing!

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    Pocahontas married John Rolph, not John Smith. She saved John smith's life from being killed by her father Powhatan, and she was in love with JOhn Smith, but never married him. She died in England and is buried there on the Rolph family grounds.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It is a comparison..

    You are Pocahontas, he is John smith. Basically he is saying you we're perfect for him..

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  • 6 years ago

    Write it off to a strange communication.

  • Tam
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    6 years ago

    To justify the fact he isn't happy and he is an idiot.

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