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Why email has pop up of sever cannot be found?

I'm having trouble with "sever cannot be found" popping up after I view and delete one email or spam and I can't go between spam and emails without it popping up even the refresh button doesn't help get rid of the pop up. If I sign out and sign back into my account I get the same thing one email can be deleted and the sever cannot be found pops up again. Why is this happening? And have been getting lots of spam especially from a Canadian Pharmacy for Viagra type drugs and recently been getting lots of drug company type spam I keep deleting it but the spam keeps on coming in to the spam folder. Also how can I get classic yahoo email back? I hate all the so called new stuff and want my classic yahoo email back.

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    "Could not be found," "Cannot find server," or "The page cannot be displayed" error messages are generated when there is a connection problem between your system and either the Internet or the Yahoo! servers. This is not caused by the updated Yahoo Mail design.

    "The main causes of the connection issues behind these errors are generally:

    -Server problems

    -Modem or router problems

    -Heavy network traffic

    -Browser related problems

    While these errors can be temporary and resolve themselves without intervention, you can use the steps below to resolve persistent issues:

    There may be a corrupt internet file or "cookie" stored. Clear your browser's cache and cookies:

    "Clearing browser's cache and cookies"

    Reset broadband (DSL/Cable) connections. Try resetting your modem. Typically, this involves turning it off for a minute or two; and turning it on again; but contact your broadband provider or hardware manufacturer for specific instructions.

    Third-party browser tools may interfere with the functions of some Yahoo! features or your firewall, anti-malware, anti-virus or anti-spyware may be blocking the site. Temporarily disable each one starting with firewall to see if any are causing this problem and then you can adjust your settings to allow Yahoo Mail.

    "Temporarily turning off anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall products"

    "Disabling browser add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions"

    Be sure your are using a browser that supports Yahoo Mail. Yahoo! Mail supports the following browsers:

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8:

    IE 7.0 (with limited functionality)

    IE 8.0 and newer

    Firefox version 19 and newer

    Safari version 4.0 and newer

    Google Chrome version 25 and newer

    Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6:

    Firefox version 19 and newer

    Safari version 4.0 and newer

    Google Chrome version 25 and newer

    To download a new web browser or upgrade your current web browser click on the link below:

    If your browser is up to date, try switching browsers. For example, if you usually use Internet Explorer, sign out and sign in again with Chrome or Firefox instead. i have IE8 but it is horribly slow so i switch to Google Chrome to access my Yahoo Mail and it is much faster.

    Try accessing your account on a different computer or device. If you are able to connect without errors, the problem has something to do with the machine you were using.

    If after trying all of the above troubleshooting advice you still have server issues, contact Yahoo so they can investigate if there is a problem with the Yahoo! servers.

    Or call 1-800-318-0612

    "Error messages: "Could not be found," "Cannot find server," or "The page cannot be displayed"

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