NORWEGIAN: Adjectives in comparative, superlative form?

How to create comparative or superlative forms of Norwegian adjectives?

I have read that comparative adjectives have -ere endings, while superlative has -est. However, Norwegians always correct me when I say:

Det høyest fjellet i Norge heter Galdhøpiggen (they say: Det høyeste fjellet i Norge heter Galdhøpiggen)

I thought that fjellet is singular, so I used høyest. When to use høyest and when to use høyeste?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You have the basic formation of the comparative and superlatives correct, but...

    Before definite nouns after den, det, de (and denne, dette, disse, de, or after a possessive) you have to add the ending -e to the adjective. This also applies to adjectives in the comparative and superlative

    et høyt fjell, det høyeste fjellet

    Note that not all adjectives can form comparative/superlatives in this way. As in English, some adjectives simply add mer (more) or mest (most), and certain other adjectives have specific words (bedre, best; verre, verst; flere, flest).

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