How to meet musical guest on David letterman?

I'm going to be in NYC this week and on Wednesday, my favorite band, Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes will be the musical guests on David letterman. I don't have tickets to the show but I heard that there's a way to meet the people after when they come out the back door or something? I need to know what time and how exactly to go about it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I haven't been to where David Letterman holds his shows, however, I have done a lot of band stalking before and after shows. David Letterman's shows are taped around 5pm and for approximately 2 hours I've heard. So, I would recommend walking outside around the studio to see where the backdoor is. Keep your eyes open for any doors where they might be bringing in/out band equipment. Also look for other people who might be standing around.. maybe they might even have signs or band merch. As for timing, you'll likely be more successful after the show. I would personally be there around 6:30 if I were you just to make sure, and be prepared to wait a bit. The last thing I would recommend is checking if the band does in fact meet fans before and after shows. I've heard of many bands who will only meet fans during a meet & greet. Good luck and I hope you get the chance to meet them :)

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