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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 8 years ago

Why is WWE ruining itself?

Please don't ignore. I have some interesting arguments, try and debate on this one!


Kane was much better in the attitude era as was everyone else! Even as the bald and unmasked Kane he did really well. When they got him back with the mask (which he bought off Walmart), at first he targeted Cena and raised hell, which was interesting. Now, why does he hug it out with Bryan and embarrass himself like that?


He should be given much more credit. If you noticed, 90% of the times he is the one who talks, and his voice practically moderates the shows!


Why, oh why is he champion? Christian, RVD, Chris Jericho, even Dean Ambrose... anyone could be the champ... not to mention Ziggler. Why is that Mexican idiot the champ?


Batista wanted to come back if WWE ended their PG crap, but they refused. WHY? WHY would they ever do that to us? Batista is like Ryback super saiyan!


John Morrison, David Hart Smith, they left just like that and never came back. They were so much fun to watch.

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  • 8 years ago
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    why: shut up and read:

    Kane is 46 old and he'is near to retirement, wwe have to push more young talent because they are the future of the company, kane, RVD, jericho still around to help him, tell him about their experience and to imlicate with him in fued.

    MICHAEL COLE: what do you expect from a former war press reporter, he just do his job, he can be like jim ross, he have to learn more and more about the business to be like jim ross.

    DELRIO: his is perfect on his gimmick as a heel and as a face too, he'is a former MMA champion and the idol of mexican funs, mexican funs are very importants to WWE, since wwe had problem with rey mysterio del rio help the company to kept mexican funs still watch it. del rio is good on wrestling like curt angle. and for information, WWE lost faith on ziggler.

    BATISTA: he choose to do an actor carreer wwe let the door open for an return


    sometimes you need to go far and return stronger

  • 8 years ago

    Kane: He doesn't have much time left. He may be retiring soon. The best thing for him is to put young talent over. That's what he's doing with The Wyatt Family.

    Michael Cole: Well yeah. We respect Michael Cole and all, but he's a dork lol.

    Del Rio: It's not Del Rio's fault he can't get over with some fans. It's the way WWE books them. Due to their booking, they even made the WHC lose prestige and credibility. They make it seem like a mid-card belt by not giving it much attention like they do with the WWE title. Alberto Del Rio is a talented performer.

    Batista: Batista left in 2010 because he didn't like the direction of the WWE(PG). Now he is showing love for it again, as if he wants to come back. We honestly don't need Batista. He's getting old and slower. He was better in his earlier days as a member of Evolution and when he was World Heavyweight Champion. WWE has a packed roster. We don't need anymore new talent.

    Extra: I believe Morrison left to take some time off. DH Smith was released.

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