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Can you fall in love with someone you only know from internet without never actually meeting him/her first?

From social networks and dating websites.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not if you understand what LOVE is. When you find an online contact and enjoy or are entertained by their one on one attention with you its Joy, Comfort, Entertainment and a connection to someone. But over the Net, you don't really know who you are communicating with. Deception has been around for a long time. It even exist in person and long relationships, sometimes marriages. Words paint a pretty picture, but its been proven that pictures can Lie. Then there is the unknown factors! ONE Example: I had a Mexican friend who was taking English classes 3 times a week. There was this blonde Russian girl in the class with him. He was so deeply in LOVE with her, that he would go to these classes even if he was dead tired. He wanted to see her so bad each week, but was too scared to ever talk to her. Partly because of his English and mostly because she was a Beautiful Blonde Russian GIRL. On the last day of classes they had a little banquet. He finally got up the nerve to say something to her. He goes to her "scared to death" and says "Hi". She was a very nice and sweet girl. She smiled BIG and said HI back. She had the worst breath he had ever smelled on a person and his interest in her dropped like an anchor in the deep sea. Point is: There are things you can't know about a person just by looking at them. It's called JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Most of the time, you're gonna find you f***** up.

    Check out the site in the source box. Maybe it can help you with face to face connections.

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