Are the liberals at "The Nation" chewing out their own livers for proving conservatives right?

They attacked Wal-Mart for not paying employees a living wage then it was exposed that they were paying their people less than minimum. They then raised the wages to minimum (still below what Wal-Mart pays and announced that they will only hire 10 new interns instead of 12.

BQ What do you think the odds are that they will ignore these facts in future articles?


@ sarah You should learn to read the article because that was addressed in it.

Update 2:

@ Paula thanks for showing that when confronted with uncomfortable facts liberals just accuse people of racism. No matter how little evidence of this there really is. Feel free to look back through my answers and show me where I have espoused racist beliefs. Your kind of sloppy thinking is why I consider so many liberals to be low information voters. They refuse to do any independent thinking at all.

Update 3:

@ Mike Try to stay on topic. I didn't bring any government agency into this at all. And if you really want to post on my question then deal honestly with the issue raised. How about telling me your thoughts on the level of hypocrisy engaged in at The Nation rather than go off on a tangent?

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    No. Somehow it will be Bush' fault

  • 7 years ago

    Why would you believe anything any member of congress says both parties take contributions from from anyone they can the only thing congress cares about is staying in congress getting more power and more money for themselves and to get more profits for those they sold their souls too and try and blame the other side when the **** hits the fan both parties were on national TV claiming they didn't know about the NSA spying yet both parties passed the laws that allowed them to do it I swear if and while as long as I can remember republican's screamed you can't trust the Government and getting caught every other day in a new lie the republican and democratic leaders stood side by side saying well yes we were lying but you can trust us now Bull S#%t. They are all liers and crooks congress knows since less then half of the voters won't get off their *** to do so and that Americans attention span is about 3 days congress knows most Americans won't remember the BS that was said the other day so they don't know it was BS and as long as our play stations and satiate TV and our double cheese burgers we won't care more people vote for American idol then last election

    Source(s): I have been politically active most my life I have degree's in history an criminal justice
  • Sarah
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    7 years ago

    You're comparing an internship to a paid employee. Most internships pay nothing, so the fact that the nation pays them anything is pretty good, and the fact that they will now pay interns minimum wage is even better.

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