how quickly will norvasc lower blood pressure after taking it?

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    7 years ago
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    It really varies from person to person as no two persons are alike. Some people when they first start taking medicine, it takes a few days to a few weeks to get it down to the level that the doctor wants. Sometimes, this medicine is not the right one for that person and the doctor has to add another or change the medication. Usually the doctor will have the patient return in several weeks to a month to check on the effectiveness of the medicine. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to purchase a blood pressure machine, make a record of your readings and take them to your doctor on your next visit. Ask your doctor as to which type of machine he prefers. Usually the wrist ones are sometimes not accurate, but the self inflate ones are and so are the ones that you inflate yourself. Your doctor can check the machine in his office to determine if the machine is accurate also.

    Source(s): Have high blood pressure, monitor at home, and see my doctor regularly.
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    6 years ago

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