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Why can't I like Leonardo Dicaprio?

my friend says hes the greatest actor ever, no one comes close, my favourite actor is Humphrey Bogart and my friend said Bogart isn't even good enough to kiss Dicaprio's shoes, I don't know I just cant like Dicaprio he doesn't have the screen presence Bogart had, he didn't have to say anything you knew he was there like when hes watching Bacall sing in 'To Have And Have Not' I mean bogart is just there, also Bogart is the only actor to make me cry, at the end of Casablanca when bergmsn cries he says 'now now heres looking at you kid'

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    How old is your friend....15?

    Kids today wouldn't know how to appreciate a good actor like Bogart.

    Dicaprio doesn't even have the right to be mentioned in the same sentence as Bogart.

    If you were a kid who knew nothing about the difference between a good and bad actor,then you'd go for Dicaprio,but you seem to be able to differentiate between what is good acting and what is bad....that's why you don't like Dicaprio.

  • ~ DiCaprio isn't even close to being the best actor today, let alone of all time. But he does have good talent and still has a bright future. I think he'll get an Oscar someday. He isn't anywhere near the skill and talent of Daniel Day Lewis, today's top actor. His 3 Oscar wins speak volumes.

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    Him and johnny depp and among the best actors. That's just my opinion. But johnny depps characters seem to be getting repetitive nowadays..

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    He ISN'T very easy on the eyes, is he? Lol

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    He's great

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    he's not your cup of tea, not everyone has the same taste.

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