Should i be a civic engineer or petroleum engineer or pipeline worker?

I'm not sure if i should be a civic engineer (working on house foundations) or a petroleum engineer. Most information i find about petroleum engineering isn't very clear, so i need a summary of what they do. i also need information on jobs where you work on pipelines such as where getting a job is more likely, different things they do and pay.

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    7 years ago
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    When I was looking into being a chemist I found the American Chemical Society to be very helpful.

    So, I did a few searches for you to see if these organizations would give you the information you are looking for:

    American Society of Civil Engineers

    You can contact them and ask them specific questions about colleges with approved programs. You might even find a meeting near you that you could attend as a student. I discovered they have a mentoring program, that you could use:

    Society of Petroleum Engineers

    They have a student network that could help you learn more about the education and job opportunities available:

    For Pipeline Workers, I thought searching for the Union that organizes the Pipeline Workers would be the most informative:

    You can choose what part of the country or world the Union represents and see the types of jobs that are posted.

    Source(s): retired chemist
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