What could cause the toilet to bubble while taking a shower?

The toilet doesn't flush completely, and I am seeing yucky stuff coming up through the tub drain.

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  • XTX
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    7 years ago
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    === you really have only two remedies === 1] call a plumber and get it done - clean out the drains [[[[[please be understanding of this comment -- if you have or do flush the feminine tampax then that will cause the drain pipes to get clogged and cause this problem and it is evident that the pipes are older and cannot eliminate that well]]]]]]] === 0r === 2] you can rent a drain cleaning steel tape and do this work yourself ......... either way it needs to be done as it only gets worse and it is possible that you have the grey-water backed up and overflowing onto the floors == then you have some real expense in carpet and damaged wood and walls ..... it is best that you get a plumber to do the sewer pipes and drain cleaning === this is the least costly

  • 7 years ago

    Obviously the drain pipe is partially clogged farther down. Needs a snake out.

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