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What would a Boatswain's Mate do on a coast guard cuter compared to a small boat?



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    Boatswains mates are one of the most important positions in the operational USCG. They are very versatile and can handle everything from general navigation to small boat operations.

    To actually answer your question, a boatswains mate could be the officer in charge (OIC) of a small boat, or could supervise deck operations on a large coast guard cutter. It's hard to say exactly what your duties would be, seeing as how a boatswains mate has a lot of general knowledge.

    If your thinking of joining the Coast Guard, then I recommend aviation (Although I will admit I'm a little biased!). In aviation, you will have a chance to work on, maintain, support, and possibly even fly on Coast Guard aircraft.

    Source(s): Second year AFROTC cadet; Licensed Pilot; Father was an officer and helicopter pilot in the US Army, and later flew both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft for the US Coast Guard
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    Line handling, chipping paint, manning small boats and boarding parties, standing watches, etc. They are like the Army's version of the infantry, they get to do the grunt work.

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    "coast guard cuter"

    Cuter than army? Perhaps.

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