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這是我的句子的一部分:There is a traditional market established by the city government ______ a riverside revival project.


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    ---These are some of the acquired phrases you can use:---

    (1)to be derived from

    (2)to be acquired from

    (3)to be developed from

    (4)to be originated from

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    如果這市場計劃,是原本河邊計劃的一部分,你可以說“as part of” + the;

    如果這市場是原計劃修改後的版本,你可以說“derived from” + the。

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    which is come from....................................

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    correct: "which was come from"...

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    appropriated words is: which was orginated from.

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    correct: which was originated from.

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    you might be able to use:

    and adopted from

    and resulted from

    and originated from

    and derived from


    Depending upon your own feeling, these are some of the choices you can use.

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    I use "and", because in the sentence you use "established by ..." To make them connected, I add in "and".

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