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Plum tree taken out by falling apple tree, c-clamp lost also.....lots of duct tape involved also?

falling decayed apple tree....took it tree coming back to life though, with apples...after three years of being dead...My wife and I want to try to save plum half of plum tree lost, with other c-clamps, duct tape......hope.....and a good healing compound on the tree, can it be saved??????......what would be a good kind of horticultural paste??? preparation to use??????

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    There is no way to determine if plum can be saved without seeing it. If 1/2 is broken cut the broken part off. You cant patch together with tape or clamps. If tree is real old and has a lot of deadwood,decay or termite damage then place a new tree nearby. You will have a few plums in a year and more every year after.

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    The best preparation is to take this course then come back and ask again:

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