Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Officer Eligibility?

Hello, I am 22 yrs old and currently live near Huntsville Texas. I am interested in becoming a corrections officer but received a General Discharge under Honorable conditions from the US Army rather than an honorable. Do you know if I still qualify for employment as a CO? I have no felonies or anything else negative on my record and am able to work pretty much any shift.


TDCJ officers do not have to be TCLEOSE certified, or at least the eligibility requirements did not indicate that.

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    Check the TCLOSE web site but as far as I remember you are out of luck. Must be Honorable, same as for cops.

    Since Huntsville and most other prisons also contract to house out of state and Fed prisoners you must meet the same TCLOSE requirements as county jailers.

    edit. Found it

    "Military Requirements:

    Not been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions including, specifically;

    (A) under other than honorable conditions;

    (B) bad conduct;

    (C) dishonorable;

    (D) any other characterization of service indicating bad character;"

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