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How can I download Photoshop CS6 trial?

I want Photoshop CS6 trial but I can't find it in!

From where I can download Photoshop CS6 trial?

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    In fact, Adobe is still offering, selling, and supporting CS6 indefinitely, including Photoshop CS6...

    The new CC release is also available, but if you want CS6 instead then you just have to know where to look on their site to get it or download the free trial

    Source(s): Adobe CS6 Direct Download Links, for Windows or Mac
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    I am a web designer and I use photoshop everyday. It's a great tool to edit photos: you can edit images, resize and retouch pictures, make collages, apply cool effects, ecc. It's a professional tool but you can still use it if you are a newbie to make basic graphic things like resizing and cropping images, change colors. etc.

    You can download a free version of photoshop here:

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    If it's not available there, then it's just not legally available.

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