When will CCP stop bribing doctors and medical companies?


(Reuters) - China has started investigating French drugmaker Sanofi SA for allegedly bribing more than 500 Chinese doctors with about 1.7 million yuan ($277,600) of payments to raise sales, China's Xinhua state news agency said on Saturday.

Xinhua cited a health bureau official as saying the team investigating Sanofi would include disciplinary authorities and the Beijing municipal health bureau, and it would look for clinical research programs with lists of patient names and medical reports.

Sanofi said this week it took "very seriously" allegations published in a Chinese newspaper on Thursday that its staff bribed more than 500 doctors in China in 2007 to raise sales.

An anonymous whistleblower told the 21st Century Business Herald newspaper that Sanofi staff paid bribes totaling about 1.7 million yuan to 503 doctors at 79 hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou in late 2007.

Sanofi said in a statement it was aware of the report but it said it was premature to comment on events that may have occurred in 2007.

It said it had zero tolerance for any unethical practices.

Chinese investigations into bribery and over-pricing have centered on Britain's GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) but the latest developments suggest they could have a wider impact across the pharmaceuticals industry.

Other companies including Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk A/S, AstraZeneca Plc, Eli Lilly & Co and Belgium's UCB SA have all reported visits from authorities to their China offices.

Analysts have said the investigation into pharmaceuticals are likely to precede a push by authorities for stricter price controls, which could cut annual growth in drug sales in China by as much as half to 10 percent. ($1 = 6.1230 Chinese yuan).


@Freely: Good morning to you from China, yes I agree that CCP has the bad habit of blaming "foreign people".

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    Nothing can be done in the mafia state without paying a bribe or a "special fee", a practice passed down by the very top CCP leaders for 64 years.

    What amazed recently is CCP only picking the faults of foreign firms who are merely following CCP's business practices as their combat against corruptions, price-fixing, so forth and leaving domestic firms untouched. What does this tell the world? "Foreign regimes" are bnging corruptions, dishonest practices into China. Isn't this match exactly with Dog Lover's constant "foreign regimes" rants?


    CCP passed a littering law before the 2008 Beijing Olympics to prevent Mainlanders from spitting, peeing in public. Few years gone by, CCP has never punished any Mainlanders for littering until a group of Norway tourists urinated in the streets earlier this year, were the very first got fined 100 Yuan each.

    It appears that CCP does not want to punish Mainlanders for as long as CCP rule is not threatened because CCP guys know they are not welcomed by the People.

    EDIT 2

    CCP/Mainland developers have cheated HK, Macau and overseas people for trillions of US$. Since 1990s they have been selling properties in those places, after money was collected as laws are very strict in HK and Macau, Mainland developers took the money and ran off. CCP police and government just ignored everything, protecting the dishonest Mainland developers. If CCP/Mainland buinsesses want to earn more friendship and a real good reputation, they have to learn what honesty and integrity are.

    The only way to wipe out corruption in China is to transform the entire power structure, to have it divided into the 3 legged of independent legislation (passing of laws), judges (court sentencing) and administration (including police).

    Whoever sits in Xi Jinping/CCP Administration's seats who are holding all ultimate power as it is now will be as corrupted as anyone before him.

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    That breaks down to less than $400 per doctor. Sounds to me like the CCP is on a fishing trip. They want to pay less than what it cost so they go after a company and threaten their business. Either way the average Joe will be the one who gets stuck in the back. But why does the CCP think anybody will see this as anything. Like Freely said, in China everybody gets paid or nothing happens.

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