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Where in Malibu was this filmed?

I found this video by REM "Find the River" and Im trying to figure out where exactly in Malibu the shots of the old man and the dog were filmed? Heres the link for the video

Youtube thumbnail


what Im looking for is the areas where the old man and the dog were walking, not specifically the ocean scenes

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    Those shots were filmed on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.


    Jean - They video was filmed in Malibu.

    (third paragraph)

  • Jean
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    8 years ago

    This can be anywhere close to the ocean. How do you know it is filmed in Malibu?

    Well ignore this answer.

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    Malibu is on pch which is the coast... How do you know it's Malibu? It's all ocean lol try googling?

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