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Canner gauge problems?

Less than a month ago I purchased a new 23 quart canner. I've used it a couple times as a hot water canner. Today I went to use it as a pressure canner. Attached my pressure gauge on for the first time exactly as indicated in the manual. Everything was going great, steam was at a steady flow and pressure indicator popped up. However, the pressure gauge will not move at all even though there is pressure. Is there a way to problem solve or fix the gauge quickly as I'd hate to see all the beans I prepped go to waste. Do they get clogged in shipping? Also, if I can't fix it, is it okay to keep my jars of beans that went through a failed canning attempt in the fridge until I can fix it?

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    Depending on your location Ace Hardware stores have pressure testers. Just take your gauge to the store, or the whole pot. I do not know if they charge for this service. good luck. or call the manufacturer.

    What type of bean? Most can be done in a hot water bath and do not require a pressure canner. Check on the web there are lots of sites with great hints and directions for canning and food preservation.

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