Which of these U.S. cities is the best to live? Charlotte,Indianapolis and Minneapolis?

In a matter of health, education and level of violence.

Sai Limbo!

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  • Evan
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    7 years ago
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    First the healthcare system in Indy is in the top 1% of the nation. IU health which has a couple hospitals in the city plus Riley Children's Hospital and the famous Methodist hospital of Indianapolis.

    Not to mention Peyton Mannings Children's Hospital.

    2nd Violence is lower in Indianapolis compared to Charlotte. However I cant compare it to Minneapolis because I haven't lived there or have family in that city.

    3rd Education is better in Indianapolis. Charlotte isn't the main university city in the state that belongs to Raleigh. Indianapolis though has IUPUI. University of Indianapolis and all major Indiana universities such as Purdue, Ball State and there is also Butler University home of the Bulldogs!

    Finally and im surprised in this economy you forgot to ask about this. The economy of Indianapolis is the strongest in the Midwest. the Indy area created 25,000 jobs in the past year plus the unemployment rate is 7% compared to Charlottes 10%. Minneapolis is at 5% so its just holding steady.

    Source(s): Hoosier for life.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Minneapolis is a well educated, relatively safe and very healthy city. But ultimately, I cannot make that decision. I can only give you my experience with Minneapolis.

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