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Opinions on my some of my favorite names?



Benjamin (Benji, Ben)


Thomas (Tommy)

Nicholas (Nico)

Anthony [family name]




Dorothea (Thea) [family name]




Demitria (Demi)



Gwendolyn (Gwen)




Ardemis (Demi, Emmy) [family name]

Caterina (Cat)

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    Yours boys' names are all good, handsome classics. I absolutely love Oliver, James, Thomas, Nicholas, and Elliot, and I really like Benjamin, Anthony, and Noah.

    The girls' names are more of a mixed bag...I absolutely love Dorothea, Charlotte, Julia, Fiona, and Meredith, and I like Nicola, Jade (not Jayde please!), Gwendolyn, Willow, and Caterina. The ones I have reservations about are:

    Demitria: The spelling irks me slightly, it seems like it should be Demetria, but I'll take your word this is a legit spelling. It seems chosen mainly to get the nickname Demi, though, which seems lightweight and cutesy and reminds me too much of Demi Moore. I would only use this as a middle name.

    Jessa: Doesn't appeal to me, it just seems like a chopped-off, less elegant version of Jessica, which seems blah and worn-out due to its 1970's/80's mega-popularity.

    Ardemis: It may be a legit version of Artemis, but most people don't know that...they'd just assume it was an ignorant misspelling of Artemis. I would either use Artemis or make this a middle name.

    My #1 favorites are Thomas for a boy and Dorothea for a girl!

  • kitty
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    8 years ago

    Oliver- 10/10 I love the sweet and classic sound of it

    Benjamin- 9/10 Again, Strong and classic

    James- 8/10 A good classic

    Thomas- 8/10 A nice solid sounding name but I am not a fan of Tommy

    Nicholas- 9/10 A solid classic and I love the nickname Nico. Nico is not as overused as nick.

    Anthony- 8/10 It's a nice name bit I think the "ant" part gets me

    Elliot- 10/10- I love the sound of Elliot. Coola dn modern sounding yet still a classic

    Noah- 9/10 Noah is so sweet sounding yet still ages well.

    Dorothea- 9/10 Such a pretty and unique name. Thea is so sweet sounding.

    Nicola- 10/10 Cute and unique

    Charlotte- 8/10- A pretty classic

    Jade- 5/10- I'm not really a fan sounds a bit too trendy too me and I really do not like the Jayde spelling.

    Demitria- 7/10 A unique name I'm not really sure I like the sound of it.

    Julia- 8/10 A pretty classic with a good flow

    Fiona- 9/10 Not overused and has a good solid sound to it.

    Gwendolyn 10/10 Pretty and almost princess-y but has a good solid nickname in Gwen.

    Meredith- 5/10- I don't really like the "Mare" sound or the "Ith" sound

    Jessa- 7/10 Cute and spunky but I think it could age well.

    Willow- 9/10 I love the association with Weeping Willow trees

    Ardemis- 7/10 Too harsh sounding to me

    Caterina- 8/10 Has such a flowy sound to it.

    Good luck! :)

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    Benjamin - I've never liked it, and I dislike the nicknames Ben and Benji. I also happen to know a Benjamin I'm not very fond of, so that doesn't help.

    James - one of my favorite names. I love this name. Beautiful and classic.

    Thomas - I dislike this one too, especially the nickname Thomas. No reason in particular, I think, I just don't like it.

    Nicholas - I like Nic as a nickname better than Nico. The name is okay, but far from a favorite.

    Anthony - I don't like this - even though I know a cute Anthony (it tends to help).

    Elliot - I love it. One of my favorites. This is a good international name as well (which is important to me. James does, unfortunately not, work as good all over the world :( ).

    Noah - okay, but a bit overused and boring.


    Dorothea - Nah, not a favorite of mine. I once knew a dog by this name. Doro - it's something with this part I don't like.

    Nicola - okay, but both Nicole, Nicoline, Nicolina, Nicolette and other names makes me think of nicotine.

    Charlotte - I don't like this one either. No reason really, I've just never liked it.

    Jade - I'm not a big fan of unisex names, as I like to be able to determine someones gender just by hearing their name, but it's not one of the worst.

    Demitria - No, no, no. Maybe if you're Eastern European and are planning on living there - if not: no.

    Julia - okay, a lot better than Julie.

    Fiona - beautiful name, I like this one a lot.

    Gwendolyn - one of the names I dislike the most. It has to do with the phonetics, it being long and me not liking (most names) on G.

    Meredith - I don't like this either. It's a good mermaid name though.

    Jessa - okay.

    Willow - I like it, even though it's unisex. It's cute if you pick a feminine middle name.

    Arademis - makes me think of the Greek goddess Artemis. The name is okay for a company, a clothing store or anything like that - but not a name. It is also a bit masculine in my opinion. I would probably mistake her for a boy if it weren't for the fact that I've heard of Artemis before.

    Caterina - most people will misspell this one, and I don't like name one can easily misspell. Catarina on the other hand, is nice.

  • jamie
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    8 years ago


    Oliver - love it

    Benjamin (Benji, Ben) - love it

    James - nice for a middle

    Thomas (Tommy) - nice for a middle

    Nicholas (Nico) - don't like

    Anthony [family name] - don't like

    Elliot - love it

    Noah - love it


    Dorothea (Thea) [family name] - don't like

    Nicola - don't like

    Charlotte - I like Charlie

    Jayde/Jade - don't like

    Demitria (Demi) - yuck

    Julia - don't like

    Fiona - don't like

    Gwendolyn (Gwen) - yuck

    Meredith - yuck

    Jessa - pretty

    Willow - pretty

    Ardemis (Demi, Emmy) [family name] - don't like

    Caterina (Cat) - don't like

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  • Imogen
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    8 years ago

    They're all lovely to me. The boy names are all 10/10 for me :) They're lovely classics! Most of the girl names pretty decent as well I'd prefer the spelling Jade and I'm not crazy about Willow and Ardemis.

    •Boy Favorite: Benjamin

    •Girl Favorite: Demitria

  • 8 years ago

    I see you like old fashioned names. Some of them are bit too "old lady/man" for my liking though, especially Dorothea, Gwendolyn, Meredith and Benjamin.

    Willow, Julia, Noah and James are the best

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Boys: I like Ben, James, Nicholas, Anthony, Elliot and Noah. (Nicholas, Elliot, and Noah are on my baby names list!)

    Girls: I like Charlotte, Jade, Julia, Gwen, and Fiona is all right. (Fiona is the name of my English teacher's daughter from last year. She was adorable.)

  • 8 years ago

    i like Benjamin and Noah the most i think theyre really cute

    i love Demitria i think Demi is super cute and i really like Caterina my favorite girl names

  • Cammie
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    8 years ago

    I really like them and the diversity they have. The only names I don't like are Nicola (I prefer it for a boy), Jade (I've just never liked it), and Caterina (I prefer Katrina). Hope that helps. Good luck:)

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