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Do you have a hard life? How So? / Do you hate your life? Why?

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    I'm 22year old female and compared to the rest of Americans, yes I do, but it could always be worse. I lived with my mom and great grandmother until I was ten. My great grandmother died when I was ten because of leukemia and because my father stopped contact when I was six, we had to move in with my half sister's father shortly after. Her dad relapsed with drugs and we had to move in with my step grandfather when I was 12 and my sister 3 because he was not paying the mortgage.

    I had to go to a predominantly black middle school my 8th grade year. I really hated it not because I'm racist but because a lot of students made fun of me for being quiet,small and looking like a 6th grader. The rest of my time at this home was the most pleasant part of my life. However once the economy started going down when I graduated high school, things got bad. My mom was always asking for pretty much all my work money for bills. She decided to move when I was 18 and in my first year of college.

    It wasn't long I had to change schools due to cost and I wasn't satisfied with my major either. I became really depressed and I was pretty much a huge portion of the bills and couldn't save any money. My mom's car constantly breaks down so I still don't have my license due to it taking months to get it fixed.

    She got involved with an old boyfriend from high school. He moved in and was always calling everyone lazy despite he payed no bills and sat on the computer all day. When I took a job as a cashier, I couldn't handle the constant stress with interacting with so many people due to my social anxiety. I had to quit when I started having panic attack at 2 am then up to four times a day. He called me a lazy piece of **** and my mom did nothing.

    It wasn't long before I stayed away from the apartment as much as possible. My mom and her boyfriend always fight, she kicks him out, 3 months later he's back, then 3months later she kicks him out. This goes on for two years before she kicks him out for good. She still talks to him and lets him come over constantly for another year plus left me and my sister alone all weekend knowing I'm terrified to be home alone. I would be up all night hearing noises and worrying someone would break in.

    MY mom let this man break me down and pretty much destroy me, her and my sister, during a difficult time of my life. I was extremely depressed and anxiety ridden. It was made even worse that when I was almost 20 we had to put down my dog who was 18 years of age. Without my friend I was really lost and alone. It is socially hard for me so I had no friends.

    My moms BF stole almost 5 years of my life and pretty much has scarred me. Besides panic attacks I would have nightmares and flash backs because of OCD and PTSD, the PTSD originally was caused by my g. grandmother's death.

    Well now, I am on medicine and feel better, but my mom still talks to the ******. I had to completely quit school to keep us from getting evicted. Life is a constant struggle because I am still awful with social skills and still feel like my life will get nowhere.

    Despite all of this I do not hate my life. However all the things that have happened to me have altered my opinions of humanity. I think the US government is extremely corrupt. Greed and money will be the downfall of all economies/governments. Being obsessed with more, buying more and obtaining wealth is ruining us.

    I have pets who I enjoy the company of very much, I live with very little which make me satisfied because I know my global impact is small compared to the masses who need to have the latest I-phone every time it comes out or need to buy 5 cars, a mansion or whatever. If the economy co lapses I know how to grow food, forage for wild edibles and hunt, which has actually made living poor fun and easier. I think I enjoy and connect with nature more than most people here in the US which I wish more people could do, but I enjoy my lone time out in the woods.

    I may start a blog about living with minimal and how society coaxes us to buy things we don't need and living off nature. so yeah

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    No friends. Never been on a date. Never met my biological father. I'm weird and awkward, and to some? Creepy. Particularly the lady-folk.

    I live in a $300 apartment.

    I just declared bankruptcy after carrying a 29.99% interest card for YEARS that I paid $360 a month on, all-interest.

    At work, I do EVERYTHING, while my lazy workmates stare into their smartphones and browse the effin' web, and nobody does anything.

    My workmates take frequent breaks on the clock, make me do EVERYTHING so my initials are on everything, and I get yelled at for any/every error made... AND my workmates make more per hour than I do... and complain.

    I hate this effin' country.

    I wish someone would trade me passports.

    There has got to be a place somewhere... a country where I can make friends in the very least.

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    Yes. I only have my parents and sisters for family. I don't have a job, been turned down all the time. Never had a special one in my life. Never been treated as a princess. Had to work for everything I have. Nothing is handed down to me. Have to deal with superficial people all the time. I am ignored like I don't exist.

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    In reality no I don't have a hard life, yet in my mind I think I do, and I hate my life for no real reason..confusing.

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