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Do things like this make you want to shun Muslims?

8/9/13 Burned beyond imagination: Acid burn girls rushed to a London hospital as island police hunt Islamic radicals and witness describes hearing 'hair-raising' screams of pain.

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If that address doesn’t work try: Dearborn Michigan Hate Fest - Dearborn Arab Festival

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If that address doesn’t work try: Sharia Law: Battlefield London

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If that address doesn’t work try: Muslim protest in Sydney turns violent

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If that address doesn’t work try: Muslim behavior in Oslo, Norway

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If that address doesn’t work try: Islamization of Paris a Warning to the West

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If that address doesn’t work try: Sydney Muslim Protests 15 Sep 2012

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… If that address doesn’t work try: Second Muslim Night Patrol in Waltham Forest, London

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    Why don't muslims condemn this terrorism? Why do they remain silent about it? Silence is approval as they say. So do they approve of these attacks? If they don't they haven't said so.

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    You see you people think that if one muslim does anything bad then you can say that all muslims are like him. I feel bad for you folks because you try to make us look bad but we don't care how we look actually on The media and the internet. I'm a muslim and a proud one and i know for sure that it's the most right thing in the world. So suck it up my friend, Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words can never hurt me.

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    Sounds to me like the 'age of feminism' , of girls people having liberal perspectives and values, of girls people having any semblance of 'equality' is ending, would not that recommend this to you also? very virtually appears like revenge, as if spiritually, adult males are going to 'get women people' for bold to enter 'their' international. get lower back in that mattress room, advance those little ones, wipe those bottoms, and peculiarly, be quiet, or you'd be struck, damage, or perhaps thrown contained in the line. and do not imagine to target to leave, no longer even imagine it. So, what I see right here's increasing darkness, repression. I, regardless of the undeniable fact that, 'bypass for it', if I see a Muslim clerk, I pray so i will target to get them to work out the little gentle I carry interior me. i'd pray others would see the edition between Christ and their god. it is, in accordance to the bible, a conflict, a conflict, so retreat isn't an selection. Rejection motives various negatives taking position, and those people truly can excel in negatives. i'd opt to target to up the ante in positives, in having them see issues otherwise.

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    You shouldn't blame a whole set of religious people for the actions of a few.Just growing a beard and having a Muslim name doesn't make someone a Muslim.The Muslims you are referring to are nothing more than hypocrites.Islam doesn't allow any Muslim to kill anyone(not even a non muslim).

    "Fight in the way of God those who fight you but donot be aggressive indeed God does not like those who are aggressors"(Quran 2:190)

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    As a Muslim ....I do happen to shun a lot of Muslims and mostly because Muslims as a whole are not peaceful people.

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    No. While there are many atrocities done in the name of Islam, that does not give you a reason to shun Muslims. I have many Muslim friends that are some of the nicest people you will meet. Nicer than many so called "Christians" and "Atheists" we have here in America.

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    We can't blame a whole set of religious people. I lost a good friend on the bus that was blown up in London and I blame the extremists and in particular their masters who lurk in the shadows and send young boys out to blow themselves up.

    One survivor from the bus reckoned one of the suicide bombers couldn't have been more than 18! I hope, for his sake, he gets his 72 virgins.

    Every religion is responsible for deaths of large numbers of people - mostly extremists of all kinds. Look at the crusaders, the Irish Prots/Rcs -

    Glad I'm an atheist - not that we are exempt - Stalin, Pol Pot.

    Please don't blame a whole race or religion - these terrorists are criminals not men of faith.


    univ lec

    Ma and grandma


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    Yep. Only religion -- or psychopathy -- can cause such actions.

    Steven Weinberg said "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

    UPDATE I clicked a few of your links, Mr. "Me" below must be doing it wrong.

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    No, it makes me want to ridicule fundies.

    Islam just has more than its fair share of them, but you get them in any other abrahamic religion too.

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    Addresses dont work. When you want to make war. Make sure your guns work, otherwise you dead man.

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