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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdoption · 7 years ago

Should I adopt a bullmastiff!?

I am considering adopting a 1.5 yr old bullmastiff. The current owners say they don't have time for her. My biggest concern is that I have a 2.5 yr old son. The dog has been raised around older children and has been around younger ones I am told. I am new to the breed and am wondering what some experienced owners think. I have heard that Bullmastiffs really bond with their owners, how do they do with second owners (adopters)?? TIA!!

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    7 years ago
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    I won't say yes or no, but here are some facts about that breed and dogs in general. BTW you're in the wrong category, but dogs are one of my favorite topics, so here goes:

    They are more aggressive than a Mastiff, and they tolerate children.

    If you have doubts about your ability to ALWAYS supervise your dog and your child together, then this is not the dog for you. They will protect their space if they're provoked. Actually, I don't believe in leaving ANY dog alone with a small child, not a Lab, not a Husky, not a Bichon, and definitely not this breed.

    Where are you planning on keeping him? This is a breed that should NOT ever be kennelled. If you leave a dog like this unsupervised and alone a large part of the time, you will have an unsocialized, frustrated, untrained, gigantic hot mess on your hands. Do the current owners have him inside or outside? If they've kept him outside, then NO. Do NOT bring this dog home. And as a side note: They drool.

    Is this dog neutered? Like any dog, when they reach sexual maturity their temperaments can change. He's almost there; usually around 2-2.5 years old. Because of their size and temperament, in the LGD's this is an issue. It's not so much humping your leg; it's that there are a whole host of behaviors that are compounded by the nature of the bullmastiff,. (fighting, dominance, stubbornness) They need a very particular type of owner. If you own a Cesar Milan book and you're looking forward to trying an alpha roll, throw that book away. The guy who coined the phrase "alpha male" in regards to wolves actually recanted his own theory several years ago and some of the leading and most highly regarded canine behaviorists ( Dr. Ian Dunbar, Frank Beach and Pam Donaldson) in the field do NOT support that method.

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    If you have other pets, (dogs, cats) and you're attached, don't bring this dog home. Bullmastiffs don't do well with other pets, even if raised from birth. Do NOT leave your cats or dogs alone with him, ever. Even if he was "fine!" with the pets he was raised with from puppyhood, even if he appears to be disinterested in them during your "honeymoon phase" - Trust me, you don't want to come home and find your beloved cat or senior Beagle in pieces throughout the house. (Sadly, I know of two people to whom this has happened-not with BMs, though). Remember-these people are trying to get rid of the dog. Don't take ANYTHING they say as gospel. They aren't exactly going to tell you that he "remodeled" their living room by eating through the drywall, or that he has bitten twice and is aggressive towards the mailman.

    In other words, I won't say yes or no, but I've been involved with horse rescue and been fostering and transporting dogs for years. I come into contact with literally hundreds of dog owners a year, and I've been doing what I do for a long time. Please think about this very carefully.

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  • 3 years ago

    Adopt A Bull Mastiff

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