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請問HKSAR護照在法國停留超過90天想stay多2-3mnths, 可以點做?(現已身在法,出髪前冇申請任何神根國家visa);


2,,又或者可否去當地申請延長居留? 會批多幾耐?

邊個方法可行D? 唔該晒!!!


出境去不屬於神根國家的英國2-3DAY,再返去法國行唔通咩? 會被拒绝入境或被拘捕咁大鑊?當真? ...如返回HK再回法清况一唔一様? 有咩分别呢? 本人持HKSAR護照,因唔想搭長途機返港才有此一問, TKS !!!

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    You have no choice but to leave Schengen Area (not just France).

    1. No - visa-free travel policy for Schengen Area is 90 days within a 180-day period.

    Basically, you will be detained when you try to enter France again.

    (If you use BN(O), French authority can elect to deport you back to the U.K. But for HKSAR Passport, they have no choice.)

    2. No extension is available (it is not a French policy but Schengen Area policy). Even you have a Schengen visa, you still get the same amount of time as visa-free.

    The only way you can extend is you are not a tourist.

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    1. When your passport is run through the system within Schengen Area, the Immigration Officer will know that how much time you have stayed.

    If you have reached the 90-day limit, why should France (or other Schengen countries) allow you to get back in?

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    In that case, you will be most likely denied for entry. Since you don't have a return ticket for next flight, France (or other Schengen countries) will not allow you to go around and come back. Instead, you will be detained until you can be deported.

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    The reason why BN(O) matters is if you fly from the U.K. and you hold a U.K. passport, it will be obvious for France (or other Schengen countries) to deport you back to the U.K.

    2. It won't make a difference. You used up your time. Wait 3-6 months.

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    3. HKSAR Passport, although enjoys a lot of visa-free travel in a lot of countries in the world, is not the best travel document.

    The reason? Country Code: CHN (People's Republic of China).

    Chinese are known worldwide for their disregard of immigration law.

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