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Henry 007 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

I am feeling so weird

I can see many people here who like learning English very much, and things

funny, they never use Engish at all,

I was wondering what their reason for learning English.


okay, all right then, well done mate

Update 2:

I speak British English by th way

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  • 妤德
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    8 years ago
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    Hi there!

    Are you feeling weird and strange

    Because people learn English but never use English at all?

    Well, I think there are many reasons they learn English but not use.

    For example, we have English tests, so we have to study hard

    Or else we couldn't pass the test

    Or sometimes just because they like English

    They think English is interesting and wants to learn more about it

    Some people just learn it because it might be useful in the future

    Like if you are going to other countries that speak English

    You can communicate with them easily, isn't that wonderful?

    Sometimes people also learn it because they think it will

    Be useful for business or.......

    I learn English too, and I really like it!

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  • 8 years ago

    I have not heard you speak anything at all. How do I know it's British English you're speaking? Care to post a segment of your speech to demonstrate?

  • 8 years ago

    The reason why they don't use/speak English that often is because they don't feel confident enough. Honestly, I don't get why you think this is a problem. It's their life, stop worrying about what they're doing and start improving your own grammar.

  • 8 years ago

    I believe that they are running with some purpose, thats way they are running

    there, am I right? mate

    2013-08-10 10:25:09 補充:

    thats why they are runnung there

    2013-08-10 10:37:33 補充:

    Yes absolutely, I think they can ask grmmar questions in English, it really works

    for their English. oh forget it, they dont really like English at all..

    2013-08-10 12:18:25 補充:

    Nobody believe it, ha ha they always do it for nothing..

  • 8 years ago

    Let me ask you this question:

    On the street, you see so many cars running around, are they running with no purpose?

    2013-08-10 10:31:54 補充:

    Now, I know why you have such a question. You have been through Taiwan's educational system (I did, up to college), you would know majority of them learning English is for exams.

    2013-08-10 10:33:51 補充:

    Lots of questions asked are grammar related. Based upon your English, I think you shall agree with me that once you know how to listen and speak, a good chunk of grammar rules have been embedded. You don't need to think which rule to use.

    2013-08-10 10:35:30 補充:

    Yet, you use it correctly, because you are used to it. However, in Taiwan, this process is reversed. Students learn grammar first, then TRY to remember it, and hope when they want to use it, they know which one to use.

    2013-08-10 10:37:21 補充:

    Unfortunately, without regular practice, to know which one to use is hard to come by. Hence, they can learn English for a long time, but they cannot speak or listen, sometimes they cannot even read or write. By the way, I was like that 30 years ago.

    2013-08-10 10:39:36 補充:

    I have tried to tell people, you can learn English without learning grammar by speaking, listening and reading. How many can believe it?

  • 8 years ago


    I can see so many people are eager to learn English here; the funny thing is, they learn but they never use. I wonder what are their reasons to learn English.


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