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Optimist or unrealistic expectations?

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    Optimist is good. No point in always whinning woe is me. Without expectation, there is no hope. If no hope, what's the point of life, of pursuit of anything? Without optimism, the modern world would not have come about. No new inventions, no p c , no internet, no million other inventions. Look at countries around the world. Why are some static? Still holding onto the past, they want the goodies of progress, yet have never attempted to get out of the rut they are in.the leaders don't say no to the goodies, its just the riffraff who is expected to do without. Why? Give the riffraff ie the mass population expectations, its only a matter of time, before the demand "I want the goodies leaders have" will create chaos. Optimism leads to change. Good or bad, it leads to changes, that can not be predicted, or conscripted once set in motion. From warfare to homeware. Technology developed for war,ultimately gave way to civilian applications. Too say so at the start would have been unthinkable. War technology, no no, never into civilian applications.

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    Optimism isn't really always good. Optimism can sometimes prowl on unrealistic expectations we have of something, such as winning the lottery or becoming president. The opposite, pessimism, the same could be said as well. We as humans need a well balanced mixture of the two.

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    optimistic about what, it depends - that you'll become a dictator and rule the world? unrealistic in that case, sorry!

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    Instead of optimism per se, we should really aim for a positive frame of mind which remains ever ready to face whatever crops up.

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    This doesn't seem like a complete question.

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