Is this a good trade?

I was offfered Aaron Rodgers, Reggie Wayne and Darren McFadden


Andy Dalton, Dez Bryant and CJ Spiller.

Its a 12 team league

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'd guess you took Spiller in Round 1... Bryant in Round 2. If you wanted a top QB instead, why didn't you just take one?

    I have no idea the rest of your roster. Will McFadden now be your top RB? Will Wayne be your top WR? Was Dalton going to be your starter, or do you have someone else to start... and now that guy will rot on your bench behind Rodgers?

    There is a reason the guy that took Rodgers too early now needs help at RB and WR.

  • 7 years ago

    If Andy Dalton is your starting QB, I would take this trade instantly.

    You cannot count on Dalton this year being a consistent 20 Points, you do lose a little at the WR position in the trade, but I believe Spiller has a worst year than McFadden. Bills will be losing a lot of games this season with Kevin Kolb at QB.

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    Hard to tell without seeing your roster. LegFu said it best.

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