What would you name 15 kids?

I would have 10 girls and five boys

-Sophia Claire

-Madeleine Rose

-Brooklyn Mackenzie

-Kendall Grace

-Isabelle Amelia

-Chloe Alexandra

-Paige Katherine

-Taylor Ryleigh

-Mia Gabrielle

-Natalia Eizabeth

-William Joshua

-James Michael

-Gabriel Charles (Family Name)

-Christian Robert (Family Name)

-Alexander Richard (Family name)

Tell me what you would name them, and BA will go to whoever comments the most on my names as well

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would have 8 boys and 7 girls. Their names would be:


    Allister George

    Noel Sawyer

    Channing James

    Liam Thomas

    Everett Lloyd

    Jason Henry

    Hollis Michael

    Declan Norman


    Ariana Lynn

    Livi Susan

    Eden Julie

    Jane Elizabeth

    Grace Emily

    Bay Allyson

    Farah Josie

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'll do 8 boys and 7 girls for this . For the boys , I would use Bentley Grant , Cameron Ryan , Declan Cavan , Brandon Liam , Jackson Caleb , Mason Boaz , Blake Lucas , & Logan Michael . The girls would be Kayleigh Alexa , Lydia Grey , Gia Lynn , Shaylie Danielle , Avalyn Kiley , Ariel

    Haven , & Macy Brielle .

    Sophia Claire - 6 . While the name has fantastic flow and the name is feminine , but not overbearingly girly , Sophia is too common for my taste , and Claire just reminds me of the tacky little store .

    Madeleine Rose - 8 . I'm not sure if you pronounce this as Madelyn , or Madeline , but either way , the ring it has is lovely . It just sounds classy and clean . Madeleine isn't too common , and Rose adds a cute effect while allowing the name to still grow with your child .

    Brooklyn Mackenzie - 5 . I think the name Brookyln is just adorable , it'd be cute on almost anyone , and it's not babyish. However , Mackenzie somewhat takes away from that . Mackenzie is too long for an already long first name , and it's rather tacky . How about Brooklyn Nicole , Brooklyn Jaye , or even Brooklyn Rose ?

    Kendall Grace - 10 . I love the name Kendall , and I love how Grace makes it evident that Kendall is a girl , not boy . Classy and sweet .

    Isabelle Amelia - 6 . Isabelle is darling . It's elegant , classy , and Italian . However , Isabelle Amelia doesn't have as nice of a flow as some of the other names you've selected . I'm not the biggest fan of Amelia int he first place , though , so maybe it's just me .

    Chloe Alexandra - 7 . While I love the name Chloe , I don't think it ages well with a girl . Especially because of the Kardashian association . I do have a soft spot for the name , though . The combonation is perfect , Alexandra is a classic .

    Paige Katherine - 5 . I used to be the biggest fan of the name Paige , I absolutely adored it . However , I realized that it is just one of those names that doesn't sound right with a middle name . Even simple ones such as Anne , Lee , or Nicole just sound awkward . Paige itself just doesn't contain a flow or ring .

    Taylor Ryleigh - 7 . While I prefer Ryleigh Taylor , this name is also quite nice . Taylor will definitely age well , and will be a strong name for a woman one day . I love Ryleigh as well , but please , spell it as Riley or Rylie or even Rylee . Ryleigh is just too long and unnecessary .

    Mia Gabrielle - 8 . How cute ! I love both names together ! They sound absolutely adorable . Mia is a little bit cutesy , but Gabrielle is down to earth and classy . The two together make for a great pair .

    Natalia Elizabeth - 7 . Natalia Elizabeth is quite the mouthful . Natalia is very pretty , but it needs a short and sweet middle name . Natalia Lynn , Natalia Paige , and Natalia Faith just possess a better rhythm than the eight syllable Natalia Elizabeth .

    William Joshua - 7 . William is the name of one of my cousins , and it is a nice , classic name . However , it is awfully common , and I am not too find of it . I've always hated the name Joshua . I must have had at least ten of them in my class , and after a while , "Josh" gets old .

    James Michael - 8 While James is a classic , biblical name , I actually only know one boy by that name . It is really not as common as people make it out to be . Michael is one of the middle names on my list , and I love it . However , I think Michael James has a nicer ring than James Michael . It's nice and classy , though .

    Gabriel Charles - 7 . I like the nickname Gabe for Grabriel , but I am one of those people who will name their child what they will call their child . Therefore , I would just use Gabe . My brother is Eddie , always had been , but his full name is Edward . He NEVER goes by Edward , not even his teachers call him that . So my advice , if you do plan to call your child Gabe all the time , then name him Gabe . I think the name Charles is a bit long for Gabriel , I'd prefer Gabriel Reese or Gabriel James .

    Christian Robert - 8 . I actually love the flow and sound of this name . It sounds great together and separately . Classic and masculine , strong and cute all at the same time .

    Alexander Richard - 5 . I have always hated the name Alexander . I don't know why , I just do . However , Alexander Richard is a mouthful , and I think I would go with a shorter middle name .

  • 7 years ago

    Sophia Claire: 9/10, love it!! 10/10 if Sophia was spelled Sofia.

    Madeleine Rose: 10/10! Absolutely stunning, sophisticated, and would age flawlessly.

    Brooklyn Mackenzie: 8/10, Brooklyn is ok, love Mackenzie. 10/10 if Brooklyn was Brooke.

    Kendall Grace: 8/10, Kendall is very popular, but I absolutely LOVE Grace!

    Isabelle Amelia: 6/10, I love Isabelle, but prefer it spelled Isobel. I do not like Amelia.

    Chloe Alexandra: 8/10, It's cute, but I wouldn't use it because that is Khloe Alexandra Odom Kardashian's exact name. People would always think she was named after her.

    Paige Katherine: 9/10, I love both name. Would be 10/10 if Katherine was spelled Catherine :)

    Taylor Ryleigh: 5/10, I'm not a fan of unisex trendy names.

    Mia Gabrielle: 8/10, Mia is okay. I prefer Maya. But Gabrielle is beautiful!

    Natalia Elizabeth: 10/10! My favorite of all of your girl names! It just is so elegant sounding! Absolutely love it!

    William Joshua: 8/10, William is one of my favorite names, but I don't love Joshua.

    James Michael: 10/10, both names on my list!

    Gabriel Charles: 8/10, love Gabriel! Charles is okay, but it's special that it's a family name.

    Christian Robert: 6/10, Both names are okay, again, special for being a family name.

    Alexander Richard: 9/10, Really love Alexander. The nickname Alex is adorable! Richard sounds very nice paired with it.

    I would name them: 8 girls and 7 boys

    Elliott Meredith

    Victoria Brooke

    Reese Chandler

    Ava Elizabeth

    Grace Catherine

    Shea Giuliana

    Kathleen Sandra (family name)

    Boston Josephine <-a little out there haha

    William Mason

    Tatum Bennett

    Michael Craig (family name)

    Lucas Quinton

    Zachary James (family name)

    Thomas Kerwin (family name)

    Benjamin Chad

    Hope I helped!

    -Evelyn :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    15 kids would be a ton of work! haha:) I ended up with 8 boys and 7 girls.

    Sean Christopher

    Victoria Delaney

    James Henry

    Benjamin Lucas

    Eleanor Molly

    Theodore Blake

    Azalea Louise

    Kennedy Rose

    Frederick Ryan

    Riley Charlotte

    Seamus Lincoln

    Beckett Jacoby

    Juniper Isabelle

    Harrison Neal

    Etta Jacqueline

    Sean, Torie, James, Ben, Ellie, Teddy, Azzy, Kenny, Freddie (or Fred), Riley, Seamus, Beckett, June, Harry, & Etta (or Ettie)

    Sophia Claire-6/10- Sophia is a name that I've never really liked, and Claire is kind of blah but it's not crazy or weird and it flows nicely.

    Madeleine Rose-6/10- Madeleine is alright, a bit much perhaps. Rose is pretty. Again, flows well.

    Brooklyn Mackenzie-410- I don't like Brooklyn. It feels overdone to me, along with all the other brook names. Mackenzie is alright. I used to love it, but I'm sort of sick of it now because I loved it for so long. That probably doesn't really make sense. Anyway, it's a good name other than the fact that I'm sick of it haha.

    Kendall Grace-7/10- It's cute. I prefer Kennedy to Kendall though.

    Isabelle Amelia-7/10- Also cute. I think it sounds better flipped as Amelia Isabelle.

    Chloe Alexandra-2/10- Chloe reminds me of chloroform and I hate all Alex- names, for girls or boys. I just dislike the way that they sound.

    Paige Katherine-3/10- I don't like Paige. Katherine is decent, but it's not my favorite.

    Taylor Ryleigh-4/10- If it were spelled Riley it'd be 7/10. Even Rylie would be better.

    Mia Gabrielle-2/10- Again I don't really like either name. It flows well though.

    Natalia Elizabeth-5/10- Natalia is ok. I like Natalie better.

    William Joshua-6/10- I think it would sound better flipped around.

    James Michael-7/10- I like James and Michael is ok. Not a name I would pick but it sounds good with James.

    Gabriel Charles-8/10- I think Charles Gabriel sounds better, but Gabriel Charles is still good. It flows well and is cute also :)

    Christian Robert-4/10- I don't like Christian or Robert, but it isn't too bad. They go well together, it sounds like the name of a polished and put-together man.

    Alexander Richard-2/10- Again with the Alex- names. My opinion for Alexander is the same for the rest of them. Richard isn't bad though.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    1. Elliott Aiden

    2. Charlie Finn

    3. Leo Henry

    4. Jordan Bailey

    5. Gabriel Carter

    6. Sebastian Tate

    7. Damien Ronald

    8. Oscar Xavier

    9. Paul Edward


    1. Abigail Nicole

    2. Emily Anne

    3. Renee Alexis

    4. Esmee Margaret

    5. Bethany Paige

    6. Asia Caroline

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    1. After his father so he'd be a jr

    2. Regina Kathleen

    3. John Matthew

    4. Mary Theresa

    5. Peter David

    6. Joseph Christopher

    7. Sarah Rebecca

    8. William Anthony

    9. Samantha Elizabeth

    10. Juliet

    11. James

    12. Michael

    13. Abraham

    14. Caroline

    15. Matthew

  • 7 years ago


    1) Christian Anthony

    2) Aiden Bradley

    3) Matthew Tyler

    4) William Alexander (Liam)

    5) Christopher Michael

    6) Kennedy James

    7) Elijah Jacob


    1) Charlie Grace

    2) Emily Audrey (family name)

    3) Avery Taylor

    4) Ellen Elise (Ellie)

    5) Addison Elizabeth (Addie)

    6) Sophia Madison (Sophie)

    7) Natalie Annette

    8) Ava Cait

    *I'd have 7 boys and 8 girls. BTW, I love your name WIlliam Joshua, it flows very nicely. And I LOVE your name Christian, that's what I am naming my firstborn son in the future. From the girls list I love how you spelled Ryleigh, and I like the name Madeleine Rose<333 so cute. Sophia Claire is also sweet/

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    I'd have 10 boys and 5 girls;

    Aria Rosaline

    Lillian Pearl

    Isabel Marion

    Haven Caroline

    Elena Beatrice

    Nolan Ambrose

    Arthur Graham

    Elias William

    Wesley Vaughn

    Bennett Matthew

    Jorey Michael

    Drew Nathaniel

    Finn Thomas

    Isaac Robert

    Miles Vincent

  • 7 years ago

    Tia Hayley

    Shea Lucy

    Aubrey Elena

    Charlie Marie

    Isabella Michelle

    Georgia Faith

    Emmie Grace

    Tori Rose

    Jamie lee

    Clarissa Jane

    Kai Alexander

    Eric Lucas

    Jackson Levi

    Braxton Heath

    Tyler Liam

  • Hannah
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    7 years ago

    Lillian Isabelle "Lily"

    Holly Elizabeth

    William Joseph "Will"

    Vivian Ruby "Viv"

    Jackson Oliver "Jack"

    Harrison Daniel "Harry"

    Claire Violet

    Rosalie Jade "Rosie"

    Alexander David "Alex"

    Sophia Juliette "Sophie"

    Kiara Lindsey

    Talia Ivy "Tali"

    Theodore Isaac "Theo"

    Fiona Elinor "Fia"

    Ariana Evelyn "Ari"

    Your names:

    Sophia Claire: 9/10: Love both names.

    Madeleine Rose: 7/10: Not a huge fan of Madeleine, but the name is pretty overall.

    Brooklyn Mackenzie: 7/10: I like the name separately, but not as much together.

    Kendall Grace: 6/10: I like both names, but they don't go together well.

    Isabelle Amelia: 8/10: I love Isabelle and like Amelia.

    Chloe Alexandra: 6/10: It looks awkward to me, but it's okay.

    Paige Katherine: 7/10: I like it.

    Taylor Ryleigh: 4/10: Not horrible, but I dislike Ryleigh, and it doesn't quite flow.

    Mia Gabrielle: 5/10: Doesn't flow well.

    Natalia Elizabeth: 5/10: I dislike Natalia and I'm not a fan of this combo. I love Elizabeth, though.

    William Joshua: 9/10: I like both names and they work well together.

    James Michael: 8/10: Classic and classy, but a tad boring. Still great though.

    Gabriel Charles: 8/10: I like it a lot.

    Christian Robert: 7/10: Not a big fan of Christian but I like this name overall.

    Alexander Richard: 7/10: I like it, although I'm not a fan of Richard by itself.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Helena Isobel

    Nova Adelinde

    Avalon Sylvaine

    Ilyana Nerine

    Azalea Rosalind(e)

    Katherine Emmeline

    Eloise Norienne

    Luna Evelyn

    Amelia Louise

    Venera Haven

    Noah Alexander

    Soren Paul

    Landon Heath

    Orion Royce

    Raven Alistair

    I'd have 10 girls and 5 boys too.


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