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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 7 years ago

My dog has a large solid lump on the left side of her neck close to her mouth?

Every time we go to pat her she cries and when we try to look at it she cries, she has NOT been eating or drinking, she is a older dog I don't know how old

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  • 7 years ago
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    Why haven't you taken your dog to the vet, to find out what the large lump is and have it properly treated? Of course your dog can't eat or drink and she cries. The lump obviously hurts and is preventing her from being able to eat or drink. If you had a large solid lump on the left side of your neck close to your mouth, you would be crying, not be able to eat or drink either and you would have gone to your Dr. as soon as you noticed a problem. The same applies to your dog. You need to quit wasting time and get your poor dog to the vet TODAY!!! It sounds like she's been this way for a while. We are not vets, we cannot diagnose your dog and we can't help your dog. Only a vet can. It can be anything from a Cyst to a Tumor. Emergency Vets are open 24 hours. Your dog desperately needs to see one today to find out what the lump is, hopefully be able to treat the lump and get your poor dog out of pain. It's really Cruel and Inhumane to allow a sick or injured dog to suffer in pain and it's also Against The Law in most states, not to take a sick or injured dog to the vet. Your poor dog has been in pain for a long time because lumps don't get really big overnight. She is depending on you to help her because she can't help herself. Please, don't let her down and get her the medical care she needs now.

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